Tuesday, December 10, 2013

NY1 Education “Reporter” Insinuates That Mayor-Elect Bill deBlasio (Wilhelm) Should Keep Bloomberg’s Racist Black Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott

By Nicholas Stix

Time-Warner’s allegedly all-news station, NY1, New York City’s most leftwing local station had a “report” last night by an alleged education reporter, Lindsey Christ. Something on, in which she made a play, sotto voce, for deBlasio keeping Dennis Walcott on as schools chancellor, something that is not going to happen. (Time-Warner subscribers actually pay to be propagandized.)

(Walcott’s qualifications for being chancellor are: 1. He’s black; and 2. He’s racist.)

Christ mentioned Stanford professor Linda Darling-Hammond, who was supposedly a candidate, but who had said that she isn’t interested. Christ insinuated that Darling-Hammond had already been rejected, and was just saving face. She then mentioned a retired principal and deputy chancellor [Carmen Farina?], who had said she was happy to be retired, which I suppose means either that she wasn’t actually in the running, or was, but is holding out for something more lucrative. People who are used to wasting all day in meaningless meetings, for which they get paid six-figure salaries, are never “happy to be retired,” even if, like Farina, they are getting $199,000 annual pensions.

Christ gave no substantive background on the two women she’d cited, like say, their pedagogical beliefs (read: politics) or cronies (read: politics). (The article by the New York Daily News’ Rachel Monahan also refuses to do any reporting on Farina or Darling-Hammond, but does do negative reporting on two other candidates, Kaya Henderson and Barbara Byrd-Bennett, which tells one nothing about their qualifications, and everything about Monahan’s loyalties.
Washington, D.C., schools chancellor Kaya Henderson and Chicago schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett are also on the list but are closely identified with school closure — a reform policy of the Bloomberg administration that de Blasio has criticized.
Darling-Hammond is a notoriously anti-intellectual, racial socialist, test-bashing teacher ed professor. (Racial socialism, test-bashing, and anti-intellectualism are bundled positions.) Farina, I’m not familiar with, and God forbid a paid, “professional” education reporter should actually report on education, as opposed to politicking on behalf of a racist, incompetent schools chancellor.

Lindsay Christ: “It’s the middle of a school year, and a school year where there’s a lot going on.”

Apparently, New York City’s mayor usually takes office during summer vacation, and during most school years nothing much is going on.

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