Sunday, December 15, 2013

Racial Profiling at Princeton University

By A Texas Reader

COMPTON ( — A 17-year-old student from Compton High School received a full-ride scholarship to Princeton University. “Last Monday I got a phone call. ‘You’ve been accepted to Princeton,’” Edgar Preciado said. The son of a shipping clerk…
Overcoming adversity/hardship/poverty/lack of opportunities/poor schools.

In other words, it's always about Negroes, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans and racial profiling.

What, you mean this parasite wasn't "profiled" by Princeton, Meeshelle's alma mater?

Racial profiling is a very, very bad thing.


[The reader recalls a May, 2010 story about a teenager from the “wrong” demographic group.]

Chinese girl from Richardson, Texas wins Intel International Science Fair grand prize

In her spare time, Amy teaches spelling to youths and plays the cello in the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra.

Awaiting her return home, she said, are the Advanced Placement tests she has to make up.

Asked what she might do with her newfound $75,000, she said, "I think I'll save it for college."

Amy said she plans to study chemistry and hopes to attend Harvard University.

"If they let me in," she said.
You laugh, but there's a good chance Harvard will not accept her.

After all, she is not black, Puerto Rican, Mexican or an Injun from the reservation. Then, Harvard would accept her even if she had a 956 on her combined SATs.

Oh yeah, has she written the obligatory essay for Harvard? You know, the one about "overcoming adversity"? I can write one for her. For example, for a Mexican I'd write about how my illiterate, impoverished 14-year-old mother earned pesos for the coyote by whoring herself for Chiclets on the streets of Juarez. And for a black I'd write about suffering from childhood asthma, and living with my widowed grandmother in a rowhouse in Southeast D.C. that was sandwiched between a crack den and the Ebenezer Gospel Holiness AME Church. And hearing the crack of gunfire all night. And a Puerto Rican? Two words: Wise Latina.

And why no mention of her parents? Odds are her father is an engineer for nearby Texas Instruments or a professor at the nearby university. No doubt someone will mention the fact that her parents are immigrants, and that we "need" more such immigrant families. And how such immigrants "strengthen" this country. And why can't Mexicans be like the Chinese. And why more "investment" is needed in the barrio to allow Mexicans the same such opportunities. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Wanna bet?

And the cello?

Do the Chinese kids play anything else except the goddamn string instruments?

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