Friday, December 06, 2013

Willie Geist, Nelson Mandela, and George Orwell

Nelson Mandela
Former South African President Nelson Mandela at a funeral north of Johannesburg in 2010, before illness forced him from the world stage. (Siphiwe Sibeko / AFP/Getty Images /June 17, 2010)

By Nicholas Stix

On The Today Show, at about 9:03 a.m., white, ueber PC cast member Willie Geist, said regarding the death of Nelson Mandela, “It’s a great day for reflection.”

Reflection on Mandela’s communism? Reflection on Mandela’s genocidal racism?

Geist meant the exact opposite: It’s a great day for mouthing pc platitudes, lies by omission, and lies by commission. Any MSM figure who were to actually reflect on the meaning of the life of the monster who just died, would have his life destroyed by none other Willie Geist, along with countless other racial socialist media figures and apparatchiki.

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Anonymous said...

A breath of fresh air. We'll be subjected to the propaganda machine for about a week. The politicians and celebrities will become the flies to rotting fruit. God help anyone who speaks the truth in public about South Africa.

Reminds me of when Michael Jackson died. Weeks of his music and images, very little mention of the fact he was a predator.

Will there be any news reports on necklacing? Will there be any articles on how dangerous and violent South Africa is?