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Britain First Fighting Sharia Creeps in England

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Caveat emptor: Please thoroughly vet any individual or organization, before giving it your money. However, it does speak for Britain First that it has been condemned by the racist hate group, Wikipedia.

Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2013 09:31:27 -0800

Subject: M & S Muslim store worker refuses to serve a customer buying a children’s book on Christianity because she said it was “unclean”

Fellow patriot,

The Marks and Spencer saga of Muslim appeasement continues!

Shopper, Sally Friday, felt publicly humiliated at a branch of Marks & Spencer when she tried to pay for ‘First Bible Stories’ as a gift for her young grandson.

When she put the book on the check-out counter, the Muslim assistant refused to touch it, declared it was unclean and summoned another member of staff to serve instead.

Mrs Friday said she was so upset that she has now complained to the store’s management.

Mrs Friday said her trip to the sales in Reading, Berks, with her daughter had been ruined.

“I went to the till and heard the girl say it was unclean and then she got someone else to serve me,” said Mrs Friday.

“At first I wasn’t sure what was going on and then I realised she was wearing a headdress and I clicked that the title of the book had Bible in it. I felt very humiliated and immediately left the store.”

Mrs Friday, from Old Basing, Hants, added:

“I have given it careful thought and still feel humiliated that, because I am purchasing a children’s Bible story book, a cashier is able to object and refuse to put it through the till.”

“Had this been a copy of the Koran I am confident any Christian person would be happy to do her job, and for this to happen in a Marks & Spencer of all places beggars belief.”

“I am not racist but I have vowed never to let a person wearing a headdress serve me again. It will be a long, long time before I shop again at M&S.”

This new row comes after the recent scandal where M&S informed Muslim staff they can refuse to serve customers buying alcohol and pork.

This is Britain not Saudi Arabia!

What next? When will the next craven acquiescence to a foreign religion come?

Why is it that Britain seeks to appease every other religion or ethnic group, but there is no reciprocal move by those countries to accommodate OUR customs and religion?

For example, despite the presence of thousands of Saudi funded mosques in Britain, there is not a single Christian church in the whole of Saudi Arabia!

Britain, like it or sod off back to your own countries!

There is only one culture that should be present in Britain, and that’s British culture!

We will not sit back and watch idly as our country is Islamified!

Remember: if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem!

I understand there is a recession raging at the moment, but the campaign to ensure our children’s future and our nation’s survival continues regardless!

Is our country worth £1 a week to you? Are our children worth £1 a week to you?

I want you to sign up to a ‘Patriot’s Pledge’ for just £4 per month that will empower the Britain First movement to take action on behalf of our beleaguered people.

Can you find it within your heart to sacrifice a paltry £4 per month for your country?

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Yours sincerely,
Paul Golding
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Anonymous said...

I refuse to use any checkstand with a clerk who is obviously muslim. I was in a store recently where the line I was on had about 3 ahead of me. A muslim clerk opened another line and a manager, thinking he was being helpful, started to move my cart to the muslim's line. I refused, and said in a regular voice that I do not associate with muslims if at all possible. Furthermore, I am sure that - as I am of Jewish heritage - the clerk in question would be uncomfortable serving someone descended from pigs and apes. The manager looked flustered and embarrassed, and I heard some mumbles of approval from others on line.

- Celebrate Homogeneity

Anonymous said...

They need to form a human chain around M & S and not allow anyone to pass. Do that over and over until they TELL the muslim clerks they MUST accommodate ALL customers or just go somewhere else to work.

Repeat the process over and over until M & S relents. Do it all Al Sharpton style and you will get results.

Anonymous said...

First pork products and no a children's book talking about the Bible.

A clear and persistent trend exists. NOT existing in a vacuum. And unless you say NO they will never stop.