Monday, December 09, 2013

Tastes Great, Less Filling! Fraudulent New “Study” Asserts that Immigration is a Win-Win Situation—Immigrants Give Us So Much, While Committing Crime at a Lower Rate than Citizens

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“New research is smashing common stereotypes about immigrants increasing the crime rate, suggesting that people who migrate [sic] to the United States are actually less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans.

“Researchers studied 43,000 immigrants from Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa, analyzing self-reported behaviors such as bullying, stealing, traffic violations, and other types of non-violent and violent crimes.”

[“Bullying” isn’t a crime.]

[Study Says Immigrants Less Likely to Commit Crimes Than Native-Born Americans, by Elise Solé, Yahoo, December 4, 2013.]
Tastes great, AND less filling! My 13-year-old wouldn’t be fooled by such a transparent con job. Anyone who knows anything about demographics and crime knows that this “study” is fraudulent. White aliens engaged in more crime than black and Hispanic aliens? According to whom? Oh, the aliens themselves. Thus, this isn’t a study of immigration and crime at all. It’s a study of the behaviors of different alien groups toward researchers. As the story continues, the alleged reporter engages in sleight of hand, and switches from talking about aliens’ statements to their “behavior.” But the “researchers” and the “reporter” know nothing about the immigrants’ actual behavior.

The only reason the “researchers” and this “reporter” are so emboldened as to even try and sell this fraud is that they know that most whites have been intimidated into silence by the “racism” charge.

“Researchers studied 43,000 immigrants…”

No; asking people questions about themselves, with no external controls, is not “studying” them.

This reminds me of a previous “study,” whose fans assert that it has “proven” that whites abuse narcotics at a higher rate than blacks, despite blacks being arrested much more frequently for possession. “Researchers” asked blacks and whites how often they abused marijuana, and a higher proportion of whites admitted to doing so. And as we all know, blacks are every bit as honest (and intelligent and law-abiding), if not moreso, as whites! Just read Wikipedia—it’ll tell you!

By contrast, during the 1990s, leftwing social scientists Kathryn Edin and Laura Lein and their over 30 grad student research associates interviewed 379 unwed mothers in five different areas around the country. Not only did they have the external controls of a group of welfare recipients vs. a group of working women, they did not simply take respondents’ word for their economic situation. They already knew from previous research that welfare mothers were spending three to six times their official, legal income. The point of their research was to determine where the illicit income came from. Thus, when the moms couldn’t get their lies straight, the researchers re-interviewed them, and probed more deeply. Since the mothers knew the researchers were anti-white, they trusted them enough to open up to them. (That may be the last such study we shall ever see.)

However, the phony immigration “study” was undertaken by people who didn’t want to learn the truth. And they guaranteed that they wouldn’t learn it. First of all, they interviewed aliens. What are the odds that an alien criminal will tell the truth about his illegal activities? Although the aliens in question were in no danger of being deported, they didn’t know that. In spite of years of suspended immigration enforcement, millions of aliens in this country actually worry about being deported for misbehaving. On top of that, the blacks and Hispanics all came from Third World countries, where people virtually never tell the truth to government officials, or anyone who remotely seems like such an official, or whose data could find its way into the government’s hands. Heck, such a study would be doomed, even in the case of American citizen respondents.

By contrast, the most reliable crime study is the National Crime Victimization Study (NCVS), conducted annually by the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics. The NCVS doesn’t ask people if they committed any crimes during the previous year, it asks them if they were crime victims, what their race and/or ethnicity is, and what the race and/or ethnicity of the perpetrators was, whereby the odds of receiving a truthful answer is much higher.

When I said, “the most reliable crime study,” I was speaking comparatively. The feds still sauté the numbers, by counting both non-Hispanic white and Hispanic offenders as “white,” in order to inflate the white crime rates. Meanwhile, they break out Hispanics as a separate victim group, in order to inflate that group’s victimization numbers. However, the NCVS is still much more reliable than the ridiculous Uniform Crime Report (UCR) numbers that come from police departments, and which the media use, in order to promote the racial fairy tale, whereby crime has been low for the past 20-odd years.

The point of the instant “study” is to “prove” that America would improve, if we eliminated the historic American nation, and replaced it with a nation of non-white, Third World aliens. It’s genocide propaganda.


Anonymous said...

Another "random" shooting. Interesting there doesn't seem to have been an intent to rob, though it's a little unclear. I've never heard of this director though I've heard of some of the shows he's associated with. At least this article has the honesty to mention race of the killers.

Anonymous said...

Here is another article that offers a little bit more detail re the shooting of the director. Though it still uses the "random" description. Jerry:,0,5635475.story#axzz2n0X6sDrm

Anonymous said...

The Los Angeles Riots. The second and third day of the riots the most damage was done by Mexicans. From East LA and the moment they saw the cops were not around and they could do what they want, they did so.