Monday, December 23, 2013

Federale: The Real Story Behind the American-Indian Rift: Devyani Khobragade, Sangeeta Richard, and the Joys of Caste

The Indian Diplomat And The Housekeeper: The Lies Aliens Tell

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

The Indian Diplomat

and the Housekeeper:

The Lies Aliens Tell

By Federale
December 22, 2013, at 4:35 p.m.

There has been a major dispute in the news recently involving India and the United States. It is ostensibly about the treatment of diplomatic staff in both countries, but the truth is far more interesting.

The true motive behind Indian outrage and the subsequent endangerment of the American diplomatic outpost in New Delhi is about anti-white racism, anti-Christian bigotry, and Hindu supremacism on the part of Indians, officials and outraged public alike…

[And now, for the rest of the story, read the whole thing here.]

This is the sort of muckraking you’ll get only at VDARE!



Anonymous said...

It is the other way around. The fact that this happened to only an Indian diplomat (can you give me a similar incident where it happened to any Europeon diplomat?) is because she of anti-Hindu, prejudiced against colored people, etc. Do police in America treat the same way blacks and whites. Be honest. Ask the blacks.

Nicholas said...

Dear Anonymous Hindu Supremacist Coward,

Who is the “she,” who is “of anti-Hindu [sic], prejudiced against colored people, etc.”?

“Can you give me a similar incident where it happened to any Europeon [sic] diplomat?”

Of course, not. Slavery is not a part of white European cultures, though Third Worlders are bringing it to Europe.

“Do police in America treat the same way blacks and whites. Be honest. Ask the blacks.”
Why would I ask “blacks” about how the police treat them? They routinely lie about that very subject. The police treat “blacks” with the greatest deference. Besides, what do you care about “blacks”? You hold them in contempt, and are just playing pc head games, to score cheap debating points against a white. But you don’t get any points for that here—you get disqualified!

Anonymous said...

Occasionally something happens that warms the heart. In this case it's nice to know that college students aren't always the victims, though this sort of thing happens rarely. I tried to find more information about the college students who fought back but every news reports said they weren't identified. Jerry

Anonymous said...

That servant with the last name of "Richard" [if that is her real name] is perhaps a Christian?

Anonymous said...

Brahmin villages in India were situated upwind from the untouchable villages. Touching that word was interpreted so generally as to mean even inhaling the air that might have been at one time been inhaled by an untouchable.

Anonymous said...

Police in the U.S. do have to treat blacks with much greater reserve and deference than they would treat a white. The slightest offense to a black and the whitey cop is confronted by a raging human [the black] ready to kill for even the slightest mistreatment, imagined or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

So diplomatic immunity does not cover this sort of offense. I bet that woman thought she was beyond the law. She did think so.

Anonymous said...

Also note that the Unitrd Statrs Attorney prosecuting her is an immigrant from India.

Anonymous said...

The article is ignorant.
The diplomat is a lower caste girl, one of the beneficiaries of a vast system of affirmative action India put into place to redress wrongs done to Dalits. Most of the high-caste people you are ranting about are writing your software and running companies in Silicon Valley,
The whole thing was a Soros funded color revolution type psyop run by a well-funded NGO that is funded by the USG, so it is a blatant conflict of interest.
The diplomatic officer who circumvented the Indian judiciary should have been arrested in India.
Every fact you've stated is wrong. Standard strip procedures do indeed involve inspection of the body cavities, since 2012, when the Supreme Court ratified it.
Have you ever read the Upanishads or the Vedas? Hinduism is not polytheism anymore than the existence of saints and icons makes Christianity polytheistic.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is simply ignorant.
The diplomat was a low caste woman, not high caste. She is the product of wide-spread affirmative action to help Dalits or lower castes, a restitution policy far greater than anything done by the US for blacks.

The charges were brought by a Soros backed NGO of the kind that instigated color revolutions.
They are legally untenable both because of the Vienna Convention (which you have got wrong), and because people on an official visa from a democratic country (the maid) cannot by definition be trafficked The whole thing was a ploy for the maid to emigrate.
Meanwhile, Bharaa is well-known to be a fixer, chosen specially to make Indians the patsy of a financial crisis caused by money printing and mortgage fraud that wasn't the fault of Indians, but whites.

As for your ignorance about Hinduism, you might try the Upanishads and Vedas...Emerson, Schopenhauer, Oppenheimer, Twain, or a million other people on the subject. Hinduism is no more polytheistic than icon-ridden Christianity is.

No one cares about your "daring" racism but your ignorance is appalling.