Saturday, December 14, 2013

Around the Horn: The Final Straw for Ron Unz at The American Conservative; “White” Most Wanted that aren’t White; Race and DNA Analysis

By A Texas Reader

Conservative supporter of minimum wage increase wins applause despite history of funding anti-Israel causes and race research. (Washington Free Beacon.)

“His ouster was a significant shakeup for the small magazine [The American Conservative]. Unz claimed the final straw was when editor Daniel McCarthy allegedly objected to an article he wrote about the link between race and crime rates, which was bumped from the magazine.”

“They said, basically, in a very insulted tone, ‘We’ve decided not to run [your article], you should go to, like, the racial hate sites and run it there instead,’” said Unz.” [N.S.: See my endnote.]

Every picture tells a story don't it?

This one tells a lie.

This Mexican ain't white.

So, does race exist, or is it a social construct?

If it's the latter, then how can DNA analysis identify suspects by race, or even exonerate them?

Races of the 311 exonerees:

193 Blacks
94 Whites
22 Hispanics
2 Asian American

[N.S.: Re the Ron Unz piece: the Washington Free Beacon is a Republican daily Web newspaper edited by national security conservative Bill Gertz, who reported for years for The Washington Times, during which time he wrote a bestseller or two on terrorism. The paper is staffed by hungry young Republicans, most of whom only recently graduated from college, and who previously had entry-level jobs or internships at respected Republican outlets like The Daily Caller and Human Events. Hard news values are in evidence—even when they’re whacking someone, they take the trouble to get his side of the story, as they do in the Unz hit piece. However, while the reporter was depicting Unz as a Nazi, he should have mentioned that Unz is a Jew. That would have made everything look a lot different, as would mentioning TAC’s history of anti-Semitism, and that Unz was the angel who’d rescued the magazine when it was about to go under seven years ago, a story I broke. More recently, Glaivester condemned the magazine as having degenerated into—my paraphrase—RINO fishwrap. I guess all that background would’ve made the piece a little too interesting.]


Anonymous said...

I've gone to "The American Conservative" website a few times lately and noticed how liberal the place is, including the comments on articles.

David In TN

Extropico said...

Was that a FreeBeacon hitpiece on Unz or one from the ADL or SPLC; I wasn't certain of a distinction.

Always follow the money. The War Department employees/contractors are happy to label someone a racist/antisemite if their views interfere with payment for their projects.

The Beltway crowd doesn't want to discuss the hypocrisy of supporting an ethno-theocracy in the Mideast while fighting like hellcats against it in Amerika. The rest of us... both Jew and Gentile... will debate it while the unserious and corrupt spew increasingly phony invectives against those who believe universal precepts matter to humanity.

Full Auto said...

Does race exist? Do our own eyes deceive us? Is race merely a "social construct?"

I have been able to prove to myself over the years, in actual legal cases, that I am more accurate at assessing race from skeletal remains than from looking at living people standing before me.

~ Dr. George Gill, professor of anthropology, University of Wyoming.

Bones don't lie....