Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New York Post: Black-on-White Mall Carjack-Slaying Caught on Surveillance Video

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A tip ‘o the hate to my partner in crime, David in TN, who writes,

This article says the killing was caught on video. The Knoxville Horror was solved because Davidson left a fingerprint on an envelope in Channon Christian's Toyota 4Runner. Was a fingerprint left this time?

This morning the reward went up to $40,000 through the owners of the mall.


Mall carjack-slaying caught on surveillance video

A hidden security camera recorded the tragic murder of a young lawyer as he tried to fight off carjackers in the parking -garage of a fancy New Jersey shopping mall, The Post has learned.

Cops were still searching for two suspects in the slaying of Dustin Friedland, 30, of Hoboken, Sunday night at The Mall at Short Hills.

Friedland and his lawyer wife, Jamie Schare Friedland, 27, were ambushed as they prepared to drive home from a day of Christmas shopping.

A law-enforcement source said the carjackers hadn’t yet been identified, but were believed to be black men in their 20s, based on surveillance video and statements from Jamie.

The killers fled separately in a Subaru SUV and the Friedlands’ silver Range Rover, which cops found abandoned behind a boarded-up house in crime-ridden Newark.

Forensic testing of the vehicle will be key, as witnesses haven’t been able to provide detailed descriptions of the gunmen.

Dustin died of a single gunshot to the head.

In the mall, workers at the Apple Store said Dustin and Jamie had spent a long time there buying a computer and upgrading Jamie’s iPhone to the new 5S model.

“The employee who helped them is pretty devastated,” a colleague said.

“She said it was taking a long time to transfer data from the old phone to the new one because something was going on with Verizon customer service.

“She felt like maybe it was her fault, that if it hadn’t taken so long, maybe they wouldn’t have gotten back to their car at that moment,” the co-worker added.

Apple sent counselors to talk to the workers, another employee said.

In Hoboken, neighbors said the Friedlands were eagerly renovating the apartment they recently bought in a four-story, red-brick building on a tidy block of Park Avenue.

“They threw everything out and were redoing the place,” said next-door neighbor Teresa Pepe, 63.

“Just the other night they had a plumber over.”

At Dustin’s parents’ home in Toms River, NJ, a steady stream of visitors showed up to console grieving relatives as they prepared to bury him Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the reward for information leading to his killers reached $40,000 when mall owner The Taubman Company pledged $20,000 on Wednesday, according to reports.

The Essex County Sheriff’s CrimeStoppers program had earlier offered $10,000, which was matched by Jamie’s boss, Manhattan lawyer Adam Leitman Bailey.

“If it can get one thug’s buddy to turn on him, I’m happy to write the check,” Bailey said.

Additional reporting by ¬Jamie Schram, Priscilla ¬DeGregory, Lorena Mongelli


Anonymous said...

Potential Philip Chism? This "pushing" the boundary sexual behavior is common among them, innapropriate physical contact (which is actualy trying to initiate sexual contact), often publicly, with a "dare whitey to react and we'll scream racism".
He certainly knows how to put on the innocent expression in front of the camera.

Anonymous said...

Here's a video of the hugging incident. The teacher looks like she might be black also, thought it's kind of blurry, despite that the reporters are still slanting the sympathy toward the "hugger". It's clearly inappropriate, a lot of white women will laugh this off (even though they don't like it), she actually has made an issue out of it, which is good. jerry

David In TN said...

The Dustin Friedland New Jersey mall carjacking murder is moving slowly through the system. The four perps weren't indicted until October 2014. Two months ago the defense filed a motion to recuse the judge. Nothing about when a trial will take place.

David In TN said...

This was one of those cases in which after an initial rush of publicity, a news blackout is imposed. In this case it was over four years before it was settled by plea bargain. The three defendants got 20 to 30 years each. And they can be paroled well before then.

I found a news item from the sentencing in early 2018, for the December 2013 carjack-murder. I'll try to send it.

Google "Dustin Friedland."