Tuesday, May 30, 2023

republican “freedom caucus” threatens attempt to vacate McCarthy chair if debt limit bill is pushed through “as is”

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
tuesday, may 30, 2023 at 2:21:00 p.m. edt

“update (1230 ET): the house freedom caucus assembled for a presser on tuesday, where rep. Chip Roy (r-tx) said: ‘not one republican should vote for this deal. it is a bad deal. no one sent us here to borrow an additional four trillion dollars to get absolutely nothing in return,’ adding ‘there will be a reckoning about what just occurred, unless we stop this bill.’”

“the Caucus also said they would consider filing a motion to vacate McCarthy’s chair if the bill is passed.”

GRA: No one likes McCarthy. No one likes this debt limit bill. Meanwhile, will there be a technical default in two days?


N.S.: They’re not serious. Even their threat is wishy-washy: “the Caucus also said they would consider filing a motion to vacate McCarthy’s chair.”

“would consider.” If they were at all serious, they would have simply said, ‘We will file a motion to vacate McCarthy’s chair.’


Anonymous said...

Disgusting how debt is allowed to pile up. I say shut down the government--we would all be better off without most or all of the agencies--CDC, FDA, EPA, FBI, CIA, etc. And yes, I get Socialist Security (they stole my money for years to pay for it)--but would gladly do without those checks if the government could be stopped from getting larger and owing more money.

Anonymous said...


Former first lady Rosalynn Carter, 95, has been diagnosed with dementia, her family revealed on Tuesday. The announcement comes more than three months after Rosalynn's 98-year-old husband, former President Jimmy Carter, entered hospice care.

"Mrs. Carter has been the nation’s leading mental health advocate for much of her life. First in the Georgia Governor’s Mansion, then in the White House, and later at The Carter Center, she urged improved access to care and decreased stigma about issues surrounding mental health," a statement released by her family reads.

The statement continues: "One in 10 older Americans have dementia, a condition that affects overall mental health. We recognize, as she did more than half a century ago, that stigma is often a barrier that keeps individuals and their families from seeking and getting much-needed support. We hope sharing our family's news will increase important conversations at kitchen tables and in doctor’s offices around the country."

GRA:She announced she will run for POTUS and defeat the other incumbent dementia candidate(Biden) in any debate and at the polls.

Okay,I said she said that.You know you look at the Carter's years in office(mostly unsuccessful) compared to Biden's 2 years plus and 1978 doesn't seem so bad.