Sunday, May 28, 2023

gay violence

[“black nazi leader Patrisse Cullors secretly dumped from Warner bros tv deal.”]

saturday, may 27, 2023 at 6:45:00 p.m. edt

I occasionally drop comments at various sites citing the potential violence of gays, and get crickets in response.

By the way, exactly 50 years ago a TV milestone was reached with That Certain Summer, the first television drama depicting a homo relationship (Hal Holbrook and Martin Sheen played the odd couple, and it was written by the very respectable Levinson and Link, who created Columbo, among other things). There was no word as to how many people actually watched the damn thing, but it was showered with critical acclaim and awards, which should tell you who was running things even then. One small step toward what we’re going through today... -RM

N.S.: The abc movie of the week was often used for wicked propaganda purposes. Hope Lange, a communist who never paid her party dues, starred in That Certain Summer as the jilted wife, and I Love You … Goodbye, as a wife who jilts her family, in order to “find herself.” Hal Holbrook had one career as a paragon of American virtue, which held up his second career as a destroyer of American virtue. He was the acting equivalent of a double-agent.

By Anonymous
saturday, may 27, 2023 at 8:54:00 P.M. EDT

Homosexuals can be extremely violent. The police use to use a term for gruesome murders by queers: “homosexual overkill.” Guess that is when the queer has a hissy fit and can’t stop stabbing or axing his former lover. Of course, if a detective characterized a murder that way these days I’m sure he would be fired for being so “insensitive.”

And I’ve read the lesbians beat up their more feminine partners more often than men do. I worked with a lesbian whose bull dyke roommate used to beat her—she would come to work with bruises, and try to explain them away.

By Anonymous
saturday, may 27, 2023 at 10:36:00 p.m. edt

Was under contract to make a “film” about black lies matter. How much was she paid for that? Probably never intended to make the “film” anyhow.


Anonymous said...

A man found dead wiff his penis cut off look for the gay "lover". The gay "love" spat.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the made-for-TV movies, especially the ABC weekly ones, began as (mostly) genre fare, and of course were trashed by the critics. The Liberal-propaganda stuff really took off in the post-ALL IN THE FAMILY era. I saw a lovely interview with producer Dan Curtis where he laughs about how ABC was lukewarm about making THE NIGHT STALKER, because they wanted to make "socially-relevant" films instead- and the movie broke the ratings record for TV movies up to that time! The really insidious propaganda outlet was the ABC "AFTERSCHOOL SPECIALS" aimed at kids- basically promotions for drugs, racial issues, single-motherhood, etc. I can't imagine any kids rushing home from school to watch these, but maybe their parents (or, parent) forced them to. -RM