Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The Hollywood Squares, 2023 (Peter Marshall is Still Alive!) (Video!)

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
tuesday, may 23, 2023 at 1:34:00 a.m. edt

Hollywood Squares, 2023

Contestant: “Paul Lynde to win.”

Peter Marshall: “Paul, this is very important—it’s for the game. Who is more likely to commit a murder—a gay or a black transsexual?”

Paul Lynde: “Oh, it’s got to be those dusky TRAN-NIES” (laughs).

Marshall: “Gay or black transsexual, which one is most likely to murder someone?”

Paul Lynde: “Well, just like playing roulette—when you’re talking murder—always bet on black.”

Contestant: “I agree.”

Marshall: “Yes, you get the square AND the game, plus $250.”


Marshall: “Yes, Paul.”

Paul Lynde: “Kind of a gruesome question, wasn’t it, Peter?”

Marshall: “These are gruesome times, Paul, and this IS the 2023 Hollywood Squares, so let’s start a new game and Miss Circle, please choose a star.”

Contestant: “Joe Biden’s demented brain.”

(Horn sounds.)

Marshall: “Well, stars and contestants, that sound means that time has run out on this particular episode. See you tomorrow on the 2023 Hollywood Squares, that is, IF you haven’t been mass murdered between now and then. Good night, everyone.”


By Grand Rapids Anonymous
wednesday, may 24, 2023 at 2:27:00 a.m. edt

By the way, Peter Marshall is 97, survived covid in 2021—because his wife got him out of the hospital. He’s given interviews saying he “Survived covid, pneumonia, and sepsis. It’s miraculous, but if I would have stayed in the hospital, I wouldn’t be here.”

His son, baseball player, Pete LaCock died of covid at age 68 in 2021—but Marshall is still on planet Earth—and doing well enough to host Hollywood Squares 2023.

I liked that show a lot—another example of when we had great stars, but don’t now.


By Grand Rapids Anonymous
wednesday, may 24, 2023 at 2:38:00 a.m. edt

I have to say, I went on youtube and found a 1972 episode (#1) with Karen Valentine on it. Wow.

And Harvey Korman, Wally Cox, George Gobel. Another show had Charo and Joan Rivers (looking pretty good), doing an impression of Charo, but throwing her back out.

Great stuff.


The Hollywood Squares Syndication 1972 #1

“130,145 views Apr 11, 2016
“we have a classic Episode of The Hollywood Squares with Paul Lynde in the Center Squares from 1970’s”


Anonymous said...

I've been watching a few of them.I can't binge watch for some reason,but one or two a day and the funniest line so far was by Mel Brooks in 1972.when he was asked:"After it was discovered,what was the first use of fire?"

Brooks replied,"Birth control."


Anonymous said...

"when you’re talking murder—always bet on black.”

Roll the dice six times and the odds you will win six times.

Anonymous said...

I'll just add one more bit of info:On YouTube,there's a one hour show devoted to Peter Marshall's 97th birthday on March 30th,called "Peter Marshall's Virtual 97th Birthday Party",with clips hosted by an okay Paul Lynde impersonator--who interviews Peter ON HIS BIRTHDAY at the very end.
Peter's a little thinner,but his voice sounds exactly the same and unbelievably,appears to have all his neurons working yet--unlike Biden.

He's just one of those guys who appears to have that longetivity DNA strand in his body.Mel Brooks has it too.I'll bet Peter Marshall COULD host "2023 Hollywood Squares".


Anonymous said...

Check out the book "Backstage with the Original Hollywood Square", by Peter Marshall, long ago but a quick DuckDuckGo search reveals it's still available from multiple sellers. Lots of interesting stories. Some confirm some bad thoughts (such as Paul Lynde's personal life) and shock you with worse thoughts (the swinger side of Charley Weaver). Why Sandy Duncan insisted on changing seats to get away from Redd Foxx. Why the Thursday and Friday shows were looser and even funnier that the start of the week. And Peter Marshall's feud with Dan Rowan.

Whatever their problems, they did a great show. Definitely a giant step down from the remake with Whoopi Goldberg and Gilbert Gotfried.