Wednesday, May 24, 2023

black or White? See what one of Sarah Cromrie’s tormentors said today!

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9 hours ago (edited)

The forced-to-work pregnant lady inappropriate took the black dudes bike, she acknowledged that and continues to acknowledge it. She and her lawyer are only suing Ya’ll incorporated (the bike company) for the mistake.

N.S.: @letsomethingshine She did nothing of the sort, and acknowledged nothing of the sort. You are racist, lying scum.


Anonymous said...

After reading @letsomethingshine's TOTAL SHIT, I had to leave a comment (below).
Most people who've not ridden one don't understand how these 'CitiBike' rentals work.
But this 'Gang of 5' waiting at this docking location knew the check-out procedure very well - it's become the NYC 'Citibike Joyrider's' MO of choice, and has victimized untold dozens of people.
The main reason is simple - thugs don't have valid credit cards of their own, which are required by Citibike as an effective 'security deposit' to force renters to return the bike to some docking station within a set period of time. If they fail to do so, the value of the bike - many $hundreds - is charged to their account. The thugs aren't interested in any damn 'rules' - they want to tool-around for awhile, maybe commit a few 'snatchings', then will just dump the bike. ANYTHING else written or 'reported' anywhere is nothing but BULLSHIT. Comment on YT:

'If I was so illiterate and ignorant, I would be ashamed to post something so incomprehensible and false. FACT: the CitiBike only unlocks following approval of a credit card - HER credit card. The thugs were waiting there for just the right target to come along, grabbing it only AFTER the docking station released the bike: they knew the 'drill' real well. The verbal 'beatdown' and BS accusations began right away - if bystanders weren't filming, they would have physically assaulted her and taken 'their' bike. What the media and her employer did to her after is a crime - the legal definition of 'slander'. She has a TEXTBOOK civil suit against all parties that joined in attempting to destroy her life.' LTR

Anonymous said...

The woman was six months pregnant. That would be a serious crime if she was hit, grabbed or manhandled in some way. The colored are having such fun too. This was all a deliberate set-up to cause a problem. Damn those damned people.

That one stupid bitch on that TYG program or whatever it is said the whitey woman should have just gone gotten another bike. As stated, she would have been charged a hefty fee for the bike the colored would steal and wanted to steal.

Anonymous said...


Let something shine like a pair of shoes maybe.