Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The raf is discriminating like crazy and illegally against competent, White man pilots (“useless, White male pilots”), and lying like crazy about it

group captain Elizabeth Nicholl, the then head of raf recruitment, was the heroine who resigned, rather than continue with the treasonous campaign

By JR Ewing
May 31, 2023

“What I don’t get is why britain – and to a lesser extent, the rest of europe – is so crazy enthusiastic for the same kind of dei crap we have with here.

“I mean, I can kind of understand it for the usa. Not necessarily agree with it, but understand it, because in theory, the usa is not an ethnic state. ‘Nation of immigrants’ and all of that. We have indigenous people who aren’t white. We have a large ethnic minority along the southern border. We had a large population of black slaves that got freed and dumped into our population 150 years ago who aren’t going anywhere. That’s a lot of inherent diversity.

“Again, not that I agree with it, but I can at least comprehend the dei logic in a very basic way.

“But britain has never had anything but White people! The Celts (Britons, etc.) were White. The Romans were White. The Angles and Jutes and Saxons and Frisians were white. The Normans were White… so why can’t Britain stay White? What’s wrong with britain being made up of White people? It’s never been anything else. Why do ANY brits care at all about dei? What claim does any ethnic minority have on their country?


It’s a conspiracy so immense. Initially, in the 1930s, Trotsky (and possibly, independent of him, his mortal enemy, Stalin) came up with the plot to send blacks and browns as a mercenary army, from the south to upend White countries. The communists pursued this strategy here, following The War, as “civil rights.” However, they were soon joined by “conservatives” and republicans waging class war against the White working, and eventually, the White middle class, as well. And so, now both parties are united against White patriots.

Class war can be just as murderous as race war.

air chief marshal sir Mike Wigston, the head of the raf, is the heavy


Anonymous said...

And Whites don't care,after years of attack by their own commie infused government.

I read your opinion about Russia being the instigator,but the idea of rolling over--as Whites are doing--never fails to dumbfound me.


Anonymous said...

British combat pilot WW2 rated as BEST in the world. Most aggressive, most highly trained. Rated as so by a very senior German Luftwaffe commander and pilot.