Monday, May 29, 2023

Being on a street after sunset, in chicago, may be hazardous to a negro’s health; nine “stretched out,” 34 others unsuccessfully so

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
monday, may 29, 2023 at 11:31:00 a.m. edt

They might as well wear a shirt that says, “SHOOT ME—I’M STUPID.” Walking around a city between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. is asking for it—and they get it.

“(abc7) chicago – memorial day weekend violence has left nine people dead and 34 others wounded, chicago police said.

“police said three people were shot while standing on the sidewalk in the 9100-block of south Harper avenue when someone drove up and fired at around 1:45 a.m.

“a 59-year-old man, 57-year-old woman, and a 77-year-old man were all hit and transported to local hospitals.

[GRA: The trifecta!]

“the violence happening despite Mayor Brandon Johnson's new safety plan, to increase police on the streets and include community groups to help curb violence in the city.”

[GRA: What does that tell anyone? This is plan #243 that doesn’t “work.”]

“over the weekend, 35-year-old William Hair was one of five people shot over the past four days in lakeview, police are saying they plan to increase patrols in that area.”

[N.S.: Do-nothing patrols, which serve as a pretext for more overtime orgies.]

“meanwhile in englewood, mayor Johnson joined community members in a game of cards at an event aimed to bring families together to prevent gun violence.”

[GRA: The game must be “spades,” the opposite of “hearts.”]

“a man was killed and a woman was injured in a west Garfield park shooting early sunday, police said. the 35-year-old man and 30-year-old woman were sitting in a parked car in the 4100-block of west Taylor street around 2:09 a.m. when someone fired shots, chicago police said. [English: When someone shot them.] the man was shot in the head and was pronounced dead at Mount Sinai hospital. the woman was in critical condition at the same hospital with a gunshot wound to the side. no arrests have been made and detectives are investigating.

[GRA: Investigate what they’re doing in a car at 2 a.m.]

“over an hour earlier, three men were shot on chicago’s north side, cpd said. the men were walking on the sidewalk in the 600-block of west Barry avenue in the city’s lakeview neighborhood at about 12:50 a.m. when shots were fired” [English: when someone shot them], “chicago police said. the three were outside the Mariano's at broadway and Barry when the shooting took place, according to cpd. chicago fire crews took one of the men to advocate illinois masonic medical center in serious condition, with gunshot wounds to the back and chest. a 22-year-old man also was taken to masonic in good condition with a gunshot wound to the leg, and a 32-year-old taken to masonic was in good condition with a gunshot wound to the back, police said. it was not immediately clear what led to the shooting.” [And th msm would refuse to tell us,in any event.”] “no one was in custody later sunday morning. area three detectives are investigating.

“minutes earlier, a man was fatally shot in washington heights early sunday, police said. the man, 20, was in the 1000-block of west 105th Street at about 12:30 a.m. when two men approached and at least one of them” [shot the vic] “fired shots, according to chicago police. the victim was struck in the head and legs, and he was pronounced dead on scene. no arrests have been made and detectives are investigating.

“another man has died after being shot in woodlawn saturday night, police said. the man, 26, was leaving a gas station in the 500-block of east 67th street around 10:55 p.m. when someone in a white suv fired shots, according to chicago police. he was taken to university of chicago medical center with multiple gunshot wounds to the back. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. no one is in custody and detectives are investigating.

“just under an hour earlier, a 14-year-old girl suffered a graze wound during a shooting in englewood. just before 10 p.m., the teen was standing on a sidewalk with a group of people in the 7000-block of south Ada street when the shots were fired, chicago police said. she suffered a graze wound to the right arm and was treated at the scene, but declined to be taken to a hospital, police said. no one was in custody.”

GRA: Zero arrests.



Anonymous said...

GRA, it's the latest Soviet five-year plan to boost the capacity of the Cook County morgue.

Seems to be working. - ATR

Anonymous said...

I've said it before--I'm sure I'm not the first--but nigs are like vampires.17 year olds,37 year olds,57 year olds and 77 year olds--ALL come out after dark and walk the streets,looking to get shot.

If there ever was a failure of the principle of deterrence,this is it.Multiple shootings and murders in these neighborhoods and the blacks are still out there in full force,in the middle of the night.Sleep?Nahhh.Afraid that what happened to their neighbors last week(heads blown off) will happen to them?Nahhh.

Is it negro insomnia or just a symptom of sociopathy--no need to sleep.The craving for excitement prevails over sitting in your house after 10 pm.--where it's theoretically much safer--and you SHOULD BE indoors after dark anyways.Normal people DO.

Shrinks should figure that angle of "after dark shootings"--why blacks will not stay in their houses in the am.

The solution is,of course,a permanent curfew.


Anonymous said...


(Sun-Times)By early Monday afternoon, at least 11 people had been killed and another 41 wounded since early Friday evening. The death toll was the highest since 2015, when 12 people were killed. The total number of those shot, however, was still far below the 71 people wounded by gunfire over the 2016 holiday weekend.

(GRA:"Farrrr below,"the Sun Times blathers optimistically,but the blacks still have 17 hours to get 30 bullets delivered to tie the record.A warm night--it's possible.)

For the Memorial Day weekend total, the Sun-Times tracks incidents from 5 p.m. Friday to 5 a.m. Tuesday.

The violence also came close to Mayor Brandon Johnson’s doorstep as a woman was found stabbed to death less than two blocks from the first-term mayor’s West Side home.

Gunfire rang out at North Avenue Beach during a fight Friday afternoon, hours after city beaches officially opened for the summer, but no one was wounded.

The holiday weekend that marks the unofficial start of summer has also historically marked the beginning of the seasonal uptick in gun violence — often concentrated on the city’s South and West sides. The 6th District on the South Side had the most shooting victims with at least seven people, followed by the 11th District on the West Side, where at least six people were shot.


Anonymous said...

One of those yellow-vested "Safety Ambassador" guys was actively involved in the beat-down and robbery of a Chicago driver over the weekend. He was literally trying to take the vest off when the cops rolled up and nabbed him.

Anonymous said...

"This is plan #243 that doesn’t 'work.'”

Like Old Brownie the now ex police chief and his secret plan to bring the crime rate down. We are all waiting.

Anonymous said...


GRA:That's some piece of cold blooded murder--shooting a kid's mother while the kid is a foot away.Sociopathy and blacks cannot be separated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A woman was found shot dead in the parking lot of an apartment complex in downtown Grand Rapids Wednesday afternoon, police said.

Around 3:20 p.m., officers with the Grand Rapids Police Department responded to the parking lot of Loose Leaf Lofts on Commerce Avenue between Goodrich Street and Wealthy Street for reports of gunshots(GRA:Very low income area). When officers arrived, they found a woman dead in a silver car in the parking lot. She had been shot.

“From what I can tell, It looks like she was shot multiple times. I’m guessing that she died very close to that location where we located her in the vehicle,” GRPD Chief Eric Winstrom said.

He said it appeared to be a targeted shooting and there was no danger to the public.

A child under 10 years old was found inside the car with the woman and was not shot, police said. The child was taken to the hospital by ambulance for evaluation.

GRPD did not release the name of the woman or child.

“We are working to identify the child and what could be the child’s mother,” said Winstrom.


Anonymous said...

Update:The woman killed in the downtown Grand Rapids murder was identified as Leah Gomez.Mex on Mex it appears,but Mex aren't normally known for this type of execution. However,this one appears to be a boyfriend getting rid of a girlfriend for either leaving or threatening to leave him.Just my opinion."Could" be black on Mex(5% chance).

Place your bets.



Anonymous said...


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Police are looking for a man as they investigate a deadly shooting in downtown Grand Rapids that happened Wednesday.

The Grand Rapids Police Department identified Luis Fabian Bernal-Sosa as a person of interest in the death of Leah Gomez. There is a warrant for his arrest. He should be considered armed and dangerous, police said in a Thursday release.

Bernal-Sosa, 27, goes by “Fabian.” He drives an early 2000s black Ford Ranger with an extended cab and aftermarket rims and tires. There may be a “Bernal Landscape Management” sticker on the back.

GRA:Soon,"Fabian" will be yelling,"Turn Me Loose" to the hit of the original White singer).