Wednesday, May 31, 2023

ferocious shootout leaves 10 dead, 4 wounded on mexican highway near u.s. border

By A Texas Reader
wed, may 31, 2023 10:14 p.m. "ferocious shootout leaves 10 dead, 4 imjured on mexico highway near u.s. border"


Anonymous said...

Mexican shootouts are as "American" as negroes lying about whatever they do.

As George Washington said to Johnny Carson on the "Afterlife Tonight Show" the other night,"I cannot tell a lie--but those blacks sure can."
(crowd laughed)

To which Don Rickles said,"I cannot tell a lie either--you're getting more laughs than I am tonight--and I'm getting steamed ."

GW:Don,may I make a suggestion?

Don:As long as you're not funny when you say it.

"I've got a few powdered wigs that you might like to try on to cover that receding hairline you've got developing."

(crowd laughs even more)

"DEVELOPING?That's like saying Joe Biden's brain is starting to get a LITTLE foggy.Uhh,no thanks,George,I've got a reputation as a he-man to live up to.

Johnny:I hadn't heard about that--tell us more.

Don:Isn't it time for a commercial break?

Johnny:Yes,it is--we'll be right back to wrap up the show after these words from Budweiser--the King of Beers.

Don:Right,not the Queen of Beers you hockey pucks on Earth--so knock off the trannie advertising.



Anonymous said...

As long as it's in Mexico, who cares?


More news about "teens":

"3 teens arrested after killing and eating New York village's prized swan, police say"

No further info whatsoever about the "teens".

This website provides a name, since one the "teens" is 18 y/o and hence legally an adult:

Eman Hussan. I doubt the other two have the last name Smith or Jones.

The surname Hussan is most common in Pakistan: