Wednesday, May 24, 2023

the daily mail really hates Rick deSantis! It’s not just that its editors emphasized the technical glitches in his presidential campaign launch, but that they have blocked and/or deleted most pro-de Santis comments, and instead filled the thread with rants by racial socialists, feminazis, etc.

By N.S.

However, people are down-voting the editor-chosen rants.

This has been a burgeoning problem for many years on the Web. Back early on, circa 2000, Internet editors and publishers and their fans used "interactivity" as one of their biggest selling points. But after a few years, they came to hate it, because they saw that most readers hated them, and said so. Readers had to be silenced, so the bosses shut down comment threads altogether, or made them unattractive to readers by demanding that they give personal information, like their cellphone numbers, or even their passports (as facebook's Mark Zuckerberg demanded of me).

Another trick is to manipulate reader responses via Whitelists. For instance, from 1990-1997, the new york times went from prominently publishing yours truly's letters to the editor to Whitelisting me. During the early 2000s, I was briefly able to post comments on its Internet threads, but then they Whitelisted me there, as well. Presumably, the times' Whitelist contains thousands of banned names. Thus, if you read the comments to op-ed "things" there, you are reading a phony selection of culled, overwhelmingly leftwing readers.

But it's not just the left that does this. Several years ago, fox news Whitelisted me from its online discussion threads. It couldn't have been due to anything I'd written in a comment. My hunch, rather, is that fox had bought a Whitelist from some racial socialist outfit like the splc or adl. But sometimes the censors are "extreme rightwingers" who are supposedly friends. About eight years ago, american renaissance ran an item in its daily round-up about some black supremacist organization. I was pretty sure the organization was non-existent, and said so, in the comments section. I saw my comment appear, but nobody upvoted it, or responded to it. Back in those days, I rarely commented there, but when I did, I always got numerous upvotes and favorable comments. I checked my chief of research's pc, and determined that my comment didn't show up there. Jared Taylor had shadowbanned me. About a month later, Jared unbanned me, so there was no evidence of him having shadowbanned me. But everyone had moved on from that item, and so there was no response to my comment. The late Nat Hentoff once responded to the notion that man's greatest desire is to be free that no, man's greatest desire is to silence others. There is no party of freedom.


Anonymous said...

Lol--the most common phrase said?

Not "I love you."It's...

"Shut UP!"

In some form or another.


Anonymous said...

Whitelisting bad! I am even surprised Nicholas is still on the air [Internet].