Saturday, May 27, 2023

exclusive: no arrests made in Maryland Dad's caught-on-camera deadly beating

Christopher Wright

By N.S.

"No arrests made in Christopher Wright’s caught-on-camera deadly beating — despite family IDing suspects

"Despite having door-cam footage and names from Wright's family, cops 'cannot say definitively that we have a suspect in the homicide of Mr. Wright.'"


Anonymous said...

Are the cops this (bleep)ing bad?Originally,the story was 4-5 Whites committed the murder,but the whole thing sounded black to me.

This one is starting to become a lot more bizarre.



Anonymous said...

Almost hard to believe no arrests made. The cops just have know the names of the assailants. The killers are all in hiding?

Anonymous said...

Seems as usual no one bothers to read the story:

[The footage potentially complicates the initial narrative, with grainy footage shot from across the street clearly showing Wright throwing the first punch.

“They haven’t made an arrest because they haven’t determined who the aggressor was,” the source said.]

"clearly showing Wright throwing the first punch"

So it seems the dead guy threw the first punch. He started the physical altercation that resulted in his death.

As suggested, the cops seem to know who was involved, and due to the nature of the incident, they pose no danger to the wider public. They probably also believe they are not a flight risk. It is a certainty the cops have spoken to them, and are still speaking to them.

But they are also talking with the DA to decide the details of any criminal charges in light of Maryland law (about self-defense etc). Since they have to be reasonably sure they can make the case stick to "beyond a reasonable doubt".

Hard to believe there will be no charges. The perpetrators went to the victim's house and initiated the confrontation. And by most accounts used excessive force on the victim once the fight started. The guy was clearly beaten to death right in front of his own house, and it is hard to see how self-defense can justify that, no matter who threw the first punch. It does not seem to be a matter of one punch and then falling backward and smashing his head on the pavement, which does kill a good number of people (including apparently Ethan Liming in Akron Ohio not too long ago).

In the end it will probably be some variant of manslaughter.

Anonymous said...

If Penny can get charged for attempting to get a crazy negro(Neely) under control,in a random situation,then those that intentionally went to Wright's house,to confront him about "fighting,if his kid wouldn't" must be charged.Taking a swing at someone on your property,is easily self defense against a mob-whose verbal threats HAD to be the reason for Wright throwing that punch.
If they were going to beat him badly,he wanted to land one haymaker first.



Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I have to agree GRA, if you make the decision to go to somebody's home in a threatening way, make violent threats against their children and family then you don't have the right to invoke self defense yourself if the parent/homeowner turns the tables. At least you shouldn't and if the laws say it's OK, then the law is an ass. How often do we see excuses being made for violent criminals but when a regular citizen gets put into an extreme situation that could cause them to react with force because he's threatened by a punch of punks, then suddenly there's "no excuse for what they did"??? The guy was outnumbered 4 or 5 to 1, was he supposed to wait for them to jump him first and have no chance whatsoever to protect his family? Maybe he thought if he took the guy out who looked like the leader it would defuse things. Maybe the wrong decision but can a person be expected to think clearly and rationally in a situation like that?