Friday, May 26, 2023

On the one hand, the lying media provides saturation coverage of the race hoax against a White female crime victim of five racist blacks; on the other hand, 18 blacks break into a post office in chicago—virtually no coverage

[“See the notorious doctored video, in which dnc fake journalists John Iadarola and Emma Vigeland of the young turks defame a White woman (Sarah Comrie) whom a gang of racist blacks mobbed and robbed on may 12th, entitling their video, ‘White Woman CRIES To Get Her Way, Attempts To Steal Black Mans Bike.’”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
wednesday, may 24, 2023 at 12:21:00 a.m. edt

“chicago (wls) — approximately 18 people broke into the u.s. post office in the thompson center in the loop early monday morning, chicago police said.

“the incident occurred at about 12:35 a.m. as police said the suspects [sic] broke the front door and entered the building. shattered glass could be seen outside.

“chicago police: bicyclist beaten with construction sign, own bike in south loop

“surveillance video shows one man wandering through and looking over a counter. then in the first floor lobby, another man walks through a little more briskly. But no one inside appears concerned about security or being caught at this point.

“finally, more of the crew comes into view, including a man with a headlamp and a sweatshirt emblazoned with the word ‘trust.’

“the group, larger now and seeming to move with slightly more urgency, is finally seen running across the screen.

“it is not known if anything was taken and no one is in custody, police said. area three detectives are investigating.

“chicago shootings: 23 shot, 1 fatally, in weekend gun violence across city, cpd says

“a spokesperson for the u.s. postal service said, ‘the us postal inspectors and chicago police department are investigating the property damage incident at the post office located at the thompson center. we are gathering information and will attempt to release information as warranted at a later date.

“as the i-team reported in 2022, the postal police, who are sworn federal law enforcement officers, saw their patrol areas cut.

“the former president of the postal police union told the i-team they used to regularly patrol the Thompson center post office, about a mile from chicago postal police headquarters, but said since 2020, postal police were not permitted to patrol there and instead were assigned only to protect on the job employees and occupied facilities.

“postal inspectors are offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of these thieves.”

GRA: You don’t think Jacquarious would turn his brother Stupidious in—do you? No one’s going to prison anyways—might be a good scam.



Anonymous said...

A couple days ago with the flashmob attack story near Chicago.I mentioned 1% got arrested.Here,they couldn't even do that.


Anonymous said...

Break into a post office? Looking for social security checks? It all seems strange to me.