Tuesday, May 30, 2023

san clemente: 3 marines beaten by 40+ non-White “teens”

By “W”
tue, may 30, 2023 10:36 a.m.

san clemente: 3 marines beaten by 40+ non-White “teens”

beatings, accompanied by racial slurs. reminding “teens” to show consideration for others is clearly “racist.” the former usa is not worth fighting for. not worth supporting in any way.



Anonymous said...

So we have ANOTHER black "wannabe on Whitey's side",Rashad Ritchie,hosting this type of show--which galls me to no end--because this suggests, it takes a black(and only a black) to post a video like the one we see,because Whites are not allowed to show racist black crimes against Whites.

Very aggravating.

blacks are given the option TO air this or NOT to air this. Now your Candace Owens,Larry Elder types --and add this Ritchie negro too--are PERMITTED to do so,because blacks have free speech--AND they WANT to appear on Whitey's side--I'm guessing for mercenary reasons.

It pays good money to be a niche negro who defends Whites.And it's a scam.


Anonymous said...


3 'teens' brutally slaughter a 22 y/o white woman during an illegal street race:


Names: Kesean Ford, Elijah Seals, Michel Mbokolo.

The surname Mbokolo is most common in the DRC:


So he is certainly black. And his family may be refugees. The others are probably black too. They will likely be charged as adults, and ought to get 20 years in prison minimum.

The victim is (or was) a pretty young white woman, only 22 y/o:


"A senseless act committed by two 17 year old boys drag racing, brought an end to our sweet Jennifer’s life here on this earth."

Of all the media outlets reporting this, only GoFundMe states the obvious: it was a drag race. None of the media outlets mention that.

Anonymous said...

Why are most "senseless acts" conceived and followed through on--by blacks and Mex?

You know,I think a great discovery by me,is connecting the behavior of staying up all night--out on the streets--with sociopathy.That mindset is very normal in minorities(especially blacks)and explains the rampant nighttime crime sprees that you hear about--20 businesses broken into,over the course of 5 hours or so,drive-bys,drag racing,rioting,flash mobs--while Whites stay at home--sleeping.

It HAS to be true,but no one will talk about it,because that is something a majority of blacks have going on,cannot be treated and would then need an entire new perspective about leaving blacks free to roam our cities.

No one is ready to bring that up,lol.


Anonymous said...

"the former usa is not worth fighting for. not worth supporting in any way."

100 % so. Tell your child USA not worth defending anymore. Tell your kid not to enlist. If the USA is such a rotten place anyhow, why would anyone even want to defend USA.

Anonymous said...

>the former usa is not worth fighting for

White guys of average intelligence who won't be going to college (they don't really belong there anyway), and there are lots of those, don't go into the military to fight -- they view that prospect as worth the risk -- these guys have few options after being dumped out of HS having not learned anything useful -- they want an undemanding job where all they're expected to do is take orders -- they spend almost all of their time doing banal shit -- 20 years of that and they have a pension, in many cases before they turn 45 -- then they can get another job -- lots of guys do that.