Monday, May 29, 2023

state-funded university of texas managed censorship project targeting conservative outlets

By A Texas Reader
mon, may 29, 2023 6:05 p.m.

state-funded university of texas managed censorship project targeting conservative outlets


Anonymous said...

I guess if you wanted to use the adjective "Orwellian", you could do it here. Arrogance would also fit, since that describes a bunch of midwit junk academicians who've decided they need to rank media outlets by some made up "disinformation" criteria.

But if you actually read/skim the report, many of the sites rated "high risk" were given that rating because of what was judged to be a lack of transparency about policies etc, not necessarily due to their content. For example, here's what it says about the NYPost:

"The New York Post was rated as high-risk, largely because of its lack of transparency around operational policies and practices. The site published no public guidelines for the use of bylines on its content, the types and number of sources its content relies on, or
pre-publication fact-checking and post-publication corrections processes."

If that sounds that ridiculous airy nonsense from self-important dolts, that's because it is. The NYP is tabloid. No one gives a shit about all of that.

Also, it is not clear what concrete effect the "blacklisting" will have. Likely none. It's all a lot of collective jacking off by useless fucks. They are all no doubt walking arguments for obliterating junk academia.

For a re-published story, why not link to the original? To give them credit and traffic?

Anonymous said...

"Michael Mosser"

Rather than LinkedIn, you can find him on the UT website:

100% a product of junk academia, as you can see from his title:

"Associate Professor of Instruction-International Relations and Global Studies"

Or if you need more evidence:

"A southwestern Pennsylvania native, Dr. Mosser is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh (BA, Political Science and History) and the University of Wisconsin – Madison (MA and PhD, Political Science)."

Political Science = a subjective junk academic discipline.

And in case you don't know how things work in academia: he is an associate professor, which is above an assistant professor, and generally means he has been granted tenure. He is not yet a full professor. But he got his PhD in 2002. This means he has been at this academia gig for more than 20 years, but still has not yet made full professor. At this point, that means he more likely than not never will.

He probably does this kind of crap b/c he knows it will meet with approval in academia and the media, and it pads his CV.

Anonymous said...

Quite the little "school project"--attempt to ruin the few conservative outlets still available by choking off advertising.

Evil little fu**ers,aren't they?Why don't we choke off these student's financially assisted tuition "somehow",lol