Tuesday, September 27, 2022

what I love about tmz: in spite of supposedly (so its nameless, faceless, raceless “reporter”) having “inside sources,” Harvey Levin’s gossip rag provided no news and fake news on the Ime Udoka affair!

[previously: “the Ime Udoka affair, part i (photoessay).”]

By N.S.

“Perhaps most upsetting for Nia [Long] is that the employee had a hand in Nia’s arrangements to move to Boston permanently, according to our sources.”

No. That was the least upsetting aspect of the scandal. The most upsetting part for Long is that her “fiancee” was sleeping with a White woman, and not even a gorgeous one!

By the way, the White other woman, who handled travel for boston celtics head coach Ime Udoka, and Nia Long, was Mrs. Kathleen Nimmo Lynch.

A real news story would not only have named the players, notwithstanding that everyone in the world who doesn’t rely on tmz already knew Mrs. Lynch’s name, but would not have acted so familiar with Nia Long (“Nia”), and would have questioned why the team was taking care of the travel plans of the head coach’s girlfriend.


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Anonymous said...

Any program,that shows a morsel of remorse over the death of any black rapper,gets my GRA block . I mentioned on here that I had TMZ on accidentally(basically)and watched Levin and a black boy wax stupid over the latest rapper's death(reported as news on nnn and other nig loving outlets)about 2 weeks ago.
I can' t watch it--period.