Sunday, September 25, 2022

more revelations on the horrors of White supremacy!

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Still French@ShowMeYourLibrary
Good hygiene is White supremacy.

ValeOfShadows @ValeOfShadows
8h· Dressing well is White supremacy.

SKiZM 2024 @SKiZM
Using your turn signal is White supremacy.

Freak Speely@FreakSpeely
Owning sane pets is White supremacy.

Tolerating lactose is White supremacy.

Proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation are White Supremacy [corrected].

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Anonymous said...

The horrors of White supremacy do not include the following:

Hitting people with bricks.

Setting people and houses on fire.

Driving around all night and shooting at houses(and people.)

Stealing cars/carjacking.

Breaking into gun stores.

Breaking into jewelry stores.

Participating in "knockout" behavior.

Flash robberies of stores.

Mass shootings and murders.

Destroying neighborhoods and cities.

Ruining the country.

All of that is the result of black "supremacy".

When Whites were in charge 40 years ago,we saw none of these things.

However,we apparently were not SO superior,because we p*ssed it all away.