Tuesday, September 27, 2022

miami surgeon performs "top surgery" for 15-year-old sexual psychopaths

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat
mon, sep 26, 2022 11:17 p.m.

"miami surgeon performs 'top surgery' for 15-year-old transgender kids, report says"


Yeah, but does she do “bottom” surgery for Andrew Sullivan?

Asking for Barney Frank.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
It said in the article the doctor provides "top surgery" or the removal of breasts, in other words, girls not boys. It also said something about these girls being in distress about their breasts. It's not uncommon for young girls to have anxiety about the development of their breasts, I don't doubt the vast majority get through the distress and are just fine. However, LGBTQ hysteria about normal adolescent angst has permeated society and young girls (primarily) are being influenced. This is flat out wrong.

Anonymous said...

Bottom surgery is more necessary--butt sex causes enlargement and incontinence. The solution is the installation of drawstrings to close off the hole between toilet trips and bedroom, uh, trips. No wonder they aren't really "gay."

Anonymous said...

No gender surgery until at least fifteen. OH I am so glad. It shouldn't be done at all. Remove the appendages of whatever gender is against the doctors code of ethical behavior as far as I know. Also as the article states, such practices are ILLEGAL in the FLA. ILLEGAL.