Friday, September 30, 2022

don't send a national guardsman to do a convenience store clerk's job! illegal alien tries to take guardsman's rifle

By A Texas Reader
fri, sep 30, 2022 11:37 a.m.

dps: migrant [sic] tries to take guard soldier's rifle

Should have shot him.


Anonymous said...

Trying to take a loaded weapon [if it was loaded] away from a member of the security forces is an effort to kill that security force individual and must be seen and easily inferred as such.

Guardsmen acting in concert with other authorities can be deemed as not police but security forces. Weapon too might not have been loaded at the time. The NG command afraid of accidental discharges and an innocent bystander being hit.

Anonymous said...

Most cities are under siege.Last night,at 1:30 am,I heard numerous sirens wailing and warbling in the distance--I'd estimate a mile away.This continued for an hour--with reinforcements pouring in.I thought,must be a mass shooting.At 2:30,a cop car and firetruck went speeding from that direction to my right at high speed.Cops don't accompany fire trucks unless crime is assumed to have happened.

This morning--on the news--nothing.

I find that hard to believe.