Sunday, September 25, 2022

the cia may be staffed with some good people, but as an institution, it is rotten to the core

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat
sun, Sep 25, 2022 3:09 p.m.

The pettiness and total lack of integrity that underscored the nature of my relationship with the CIA is not an isolated event. The CIA may be staffed with some good people, but as an institution, it is rotten to the core.

From respect to resentment: My history with the CIA — RT World News
The whole MO of the "Agency" is to effect "regime change" around the world.
That's it.
Nothing but the Mob with nukes.
McRaven is a fraud.
The "raid" on bin Laden is yet another Big Lie.
No DNA analysis was done on the body.
I am not aware of any still photos nor video of the raid showing bin Laden being killed. Zero.  One memorable photo shows what appears to be a Pashtun (?) tribesman watching an old fashioned CRT television.   This is farcical as bin Laden belonged to one of the Middle East's wealthiest families.  Why would he be watching a CRT television?
Paul Craig Roberts, the consummate insider, said there was a military coup on the morning of 9/11/2001.
Leon Panetta, who was CIA director during the bin Laden raid and later served as secretary of defense, said Trump owed an apology to McRaven and to all of those in the military and intelligence agencies who played a role in tracking down bin Laden and carrying out the risky raid into Pakistan. He called Trump's remark "patently ridiculous."s
Some of Trump's most ardent foes are in one way or another linked to the CIA or the Pentagon.
Barack Obama.
George "Dubya" Bush.
Trump's problem is that he went live with his opposition to the interminable, costly wars in the Middle East.  


Anonymous said...

As with all segments of our country,everyone--including the CIA--needs to decide if we're going to be a country--a real country--and not a hodgepodge of invaders dividing the land up into ethnic areas of conflict..That means one language(English)and the philosophy we had for 250 years--obeying the law.Without that,the term," CIA ",is just a memory of what we used to be.


Anonymous said...

CIA the "founding fathers" were fifty upper class Ivy League educated Americans who loved the one-world government concept. So "international" and "worldly" were these folks by their own standards they were too "cosmopolitan" to get a security clearance but did so nonetheless. They made the rules.