Monday, September 26, 2022

fired pediatric nurse tearfully testifies of vaccine-induced myocarditis in kids

By N.S.


Anonymous said...

Did she give that testimony in a cave,10 miles underground?

Lesta Holt never mentioned that today,though he did bring up Brett Favre,implying he was involved somehow in welfare fraud.Lesta LOOOOVES talking about White crime--or even the appearance of it--or just a rumor of it.A rumor OF a rumor.

Hell,they'll make it up just to throw something on air.


Anonymous said...

They will be studying the virus and the response to for decades to come. Response to the virus will be seen with hindsight as very poor and counter-productive in the long run. Would have been best to just allow herd immunity and nothing more than that.

And always remember there was not clinical testing. WE were the clinical test.