Tuesday, September 27, 2022

the Ime Udoka affair, part i (photoessay)

Taylor Lynch is the cuckold, so I'm putting him up here in the vic's slot

By Jerry PDX
monday, september 26, 2022 at 5:39:00 p.m. edt

You may have heard about boston celtics coach Ime Udoka (allegedly) having an affair with a female staffer and (allegedly) making unwanted sexually suggestive comments toward women. I can't find any details about the comments but the affair was reportedly with Kathleen Nimmo Lynch, the White wife of a brief Celtic staffer named Taylor Lynch.


However, scouting around online I found some info suggesting it actually wasn't the wife of Patrick Lynch but the wife of a man named Taylor Lynch who worked for the Celtic for a few months as a nutritionist.


Three more vics

While there may be contradictory information about the identity of the husband who got cheated on, I do believe he is a White man and Kathleen Lynch does have three children with him.

Kathleen Nimmo Lynch

noted, low-functioning racist Stephen A. Smith claims Udoka's suspension was based on race:

Stephen A. Smith is a black supremacist who has frequently praised head murderer Louis Farrakhan of the nation of islam, and who I thus figure is almost certainly a member of the murder cult.


Somehow Smith has conveniently forgotten, or is simply too dim to have noticed, the innumerable White males that have been fired from their jobs, had their careers ruined and reputations destroyed based on unproven and unprovable me-too accusations.

As for the White husband who got cheated on, I think this would be described as a humiliating cuckold. Hope he's got a good divorce lawyer.

alleged seducer, Ime Udoka

aging, affirmative action, hollywood starlet, Nia Long, Udoka's long-time girlfriend, whom various sources have referred to as his "wife" and "fiancee." Apparently, black and "blackish" men are so obsessed with White women that they will throw over a pretty blackish woman for a merely o.k. White one. Then again, perhaps Udoka decided he wanted some fresh fruit, without the taint of saline implants, nose jobs, butt jobs, etc.

N.S.: I've stuck with photos of the various parties so far, because this story has been more sloppily reported than most these days--and that's saying a lot--and it was hard enough getting the right pics and names.

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Anonymous said...

They're keeping as much of this as secret as possible--with few verified facts.How did the nig find time?Coaching,girlfriend,team related functions should take up 17 hours of the day--add sleep--and where do you sneak in your boss's wife?