Sunday, September 25, 2022

raceless driver allegedly murdered two people at illegal car rally in new jersey, when he recklessly slammed his car into another and then ran into pedestrians

By R.C.
sun, sep 25, 2022 11:21 p.m.

two people were killed at an illegal car rally in new jersey when negro Gerald White recklessly slammed his car into another and then ran into pedestrians


Anonymous said...

I don't know if the two Whites killed were attending this illegal event or didn't know about it,but were wrong place,wrong time.Kalamazoo has had similar problems in the past--mostly caused by blacks.

If anyone attends these brainless activities,you're supporting stupidity--black stupidity at that--and are almost as responsible as the nig drivers when deaths occur.If no one shows to watch,then it probably disappears.

But Whites are getting dumber and dumber from being around blacks and fatalities,as in this story,will only increase.


Anonymous said...

The perpetrator crossed interstate line to illegally race and killed the two persons. It should be a federal case. Crowds just out of control. The mob after 2020 just feels frisky now all the time. Cops cannot even stop them.

Anonymous said...

The victims had every right to be where they were at the time they were there. It is the negro who is to blame. The whites are guiltless. In the past, whitey was told to stay away from "those neighborhoods". Now neighborhood comes to you.