Thursday, September 29, 2022

There’s More than One Kind of Fake News: headless, handless “news story” published about a headless, handless White woman

“Anna L. Papalardo-Blake, who went missing on March 16, 1980, has been identified as the person [most of] whose remains were found in a travel trunk in the Hudson Valley two days later. (new york state police)”

By N.S.

I left the following comment:

Was she married at the time? Did she have a boyfriend? An ex-husband or boyfriend? Didn’t (her employer, a Vidal) Sassoon (beauty parlor) call her home, and/or the NYPD, to say that an employee disappeared? Of course, they did. There is virtually no information in this “thing.” Why bother publishing such a headless, handless excuse for a news story? This just goes to show that there is more than one kind of fake news.

“decapitated body id'd as woman who vanished from midtown in 1980
“decades after a headless, handless body was found in a trunk in the hudson valley, police identified the remains as a missing nyc woman.”

Today, cutting off someone’s head and hands, would suggest a hispanic drug cartel, but in 1980, it would have suggested a mafia hit. Note, too, the care taken in kidnapping, murdering, and dismembering the vic in new york city, but transporting most of her remains out of the city, where local and state coppers would not have had any alerts on a missing, 40-50 year old woman.

Or did they?


Anonymous said...

Sonny Red the famous gangster was found in the Meadowlands. Minus head, hands, feet. Just the torso. He was later identified with DNA as I recall.

Anonymous said...

That was Sonny Black and not Sonny Red.