Sunday, September 25, 2022

White boxing coach of black keeds gunned down in Southeast D.C. Asian wife.

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat
sun, sep 25, 2022 9:38 p.m.

White boxing coach of black keeds gunned down in southeast d.c.; asian wife.


Anonymous said...

Who killed him---the blacks or the Asian wife?I guess it doesn't matter,really.Just have to catch the person and do what needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

I grew up fairly poor,but somehow the bills got paid and we had food on the table.My mom was a great cook and knew how to save money.Now I cook for her.

The neighborhood was 100% White until about 15 years ago(?),then it slowly changed.Then it quickly changed--not on my block so much,though I had blacks and Mex as horrible neighbors(which I had evicted,so this particular block was saved.)

While it was White,there was not one shooting or crime I can remember during the 70s,80s and 90s.

Fast forward to 2010 and beyond and the West side saw blacks pour in on the crappy streets first--a couple miles away--and then every winter that ended--you could see blacks moving into houses,closer and closer to my street.

It was inevitable that the house next door--a rental--got two black fambilees in--back to back.I out the first evicted for fighting in my front yard(caught it on video)and lack of cleanliness. A garage full of garbage bags got rid of the second brood.

Down the street,a couple blocks away,blacks moved in at a moderate pace,until it got to the point a White guy was killed by a black,who ran past my house to escape.The dogs were sent out to find a trail of nig*er smell,but they lost him(never caught.)

As long as Whites were here,owning houses,it was a great area.

When that stopped,so did the feeling of security--replaced a wariness toward every black thug who strutted around the same stores and parking lots I would be at.

At night,you can hear them screaming out in the distance--arguing with another nig--as they walk home from a nearby bar.

It sure isn't Grand Rapids anymore,just as much of our country isn't the United States anymore.

And it all happened in less than 15 years.


Anonymous said...

White guy tries to help blacks out--blacks kill him anyways.

No hope for them.

Anonymous said...

Right. Teach the colored kee-ids boxing. That is what they always suggest as a way of "getting the kee-ids" off the street. They just become that much more violent and able to use their fists in a way that makes them much more dangerous.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Is this guy the "Black Shadow"? Remember that show? White coach, black basketball team, and he was always getting his kids out of trouble, except in this case it's boxing. SNL did a reverse skit on this calling it the Black Shadow and the late Bill Russell was the coach of the all White basketball team, of course Bill was always getting in trouble and the team getting him out of trouble. Fittingly, at one point he impregnated a White high school girl. Interestingly, I couldn't find the skit on Youtube or posted anywhere but did find a transcript:

These White saviors of the negro always say they're helping their kids to stay out of trouble, this boxing coach, Buddy Harrison, is the same, stating this in an interview: “If they stay out of jail and they don’t turn into an alcoholic or drugs or stay out of prison, they’re champions to me,” Harrison told 7News in March.

I have to wonder how many kids actually stay out of trouble due to his training as opposed to ones that use the pugilistic skills they learn to sucker punch whites or be bullies in general. Seems like most violent racist negroes I see in action have at least some rudimentary boxing skills, unlike the whites they usually assault and I suspect they've all had some training early on which makes them feel stronger and more confident to be violently racist. I'd be willing to bet that the ones that do stay out of trouble likely would have stayed out of trouble anyways, the ones that move on to be career violent criminals were beyond help and boxing training only enabled them.

Anonymous said...

"I have to wonder how many kids actually stay out of trouble due to his training as opposed to ones that use the pugilistic skills they learn to sucker punch whites or be bullies in general."

They already have an ingrained capacity to solve all disputes with a fight. You are just creating a better race of fighter with an ability to do greater harm. Especially if the boxer attacks a person not trained to defend themselves. The fists of a boxer have the same legal status as a deadly weapon.