Sunday, September 25, 2022

Kari Lake's promise (graphic)

Re-posted by N.S.


Anonymous said...

She's saying the right things--the most sensible things. Now,are there enough Whites,with enough wherewithal to vote her in.


Have they been buffaloed by the constant media propaganda about "poor immigrants needing asylum"?(Soon,WE White citizens will need asylum.)

She'll get no votes from the considerable Mex population,so it's up to Whitey to coalesce around this issue and vote as one bloc.

We have not seen that anywhere else,but I always hope that a spark is lit somewhere,to begin to turn the country around.


Anonymous said...

In the gubernatorial race, Lake and Hobbs split each category, indicating how much the race has tightened.

Lake leads with voters aged 50 and older (50%-48%), men (53%-43%), voters without a college degree (53%-44%), and White voters (52%-45%), while Hobbs lead with independents (49%-45%), women (55%-42%), college educated voters (57%-40%) and Hispanic voters (62%-32%).

GRA:A split in our country no one talks about(though N.S. has)is the one between men and women.Much of the "divide" we hear about is strictly racial,but what appears to be sending us off to Commieland are women.No stats on White vs black females,as far as who's more in favor of liberalism,but the numbers mean there's plenty of both who oppose White men's votes.