Tuesday, September 27, 2022

read a thorough report on the newest duke race hoax

By An Old Friend


And regarding the duke rape hoax, see:

“Nicholas Stix’ Absolutely Definitive Account of the Incredible Disappearing Duke Rape Hoax”


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Anonymous said...

If Whites don't stand up for Whites,in situations like this one,then who will stop the feeding frenzy that develops,as a result of anti-White media bias?
Nifong,the Duke President,the school committees all backed a black stripper over these White students' account of the incident.Apparently,criminal charges against Whites need not be proven--a quick public verdict is enough to satiate those who detest White people.

If the Duke case had been conducted today,I'll tell you what would have happened,the networks would have incited large crowds of negroes to protest near Duke.blacks would appear on TV and push for "justice"--and those White kids would have been railroaded to prison--like Chauvin and the other cops in the Floyd case.
In the current case,SOMETHING rare happened--the truth came out fairly quickly--stopping the momentum of "get Whitey" that was building.
There's no guarantee of that occurring in future cases,where blacks accuse Whites of racism.Whites are being conditioned to believe the MSM/liberal propaganda that blacks are innocent and Whites are automatically guilty when incidents like this surface.
I cannot see it reversing itself anytime soon.