Sunday, April 04, 2021

The Chickens are Coming Home to Roost: After Generations of the GOP Sucking Up to black supremacists, Their Clients are (as Usual) Stabbing It in the Back on Georgia Voting Reform

By Various Colleagues

Utter BS Dept: black affirmative action Execs Fight “Restrictive” Georgia Voting Rules
Thu, Apr 1, 2021 3:53 p.m.

AC: Ha, ha, ha! GOP is paying a heavy price for its continuous efforts to pose as devoted to civil rights as its opponents.

Where are Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice now?

They and their corporate allies are doing everything they can to undermine voting integrity:

As I have noted before, many of these companies could be pushed well into the red, if Whites whitecotted them.  


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