Thursday, September 26, 2019

Three Democrats Sought Treasonous Conspiracy with the Ukraine to Bring Down Trump

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Three Democrats Sought Ukraine Collusion to Bring Down Trump

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September 26, 2019

Three Democrats Sought Ukraine Collusion to Bring Down Trump

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Anonymous said...

Does this website that's breaking the story have any clout?Or is just flipped off by 99.9% of the media--who will ignore the allegations and focus on what THEY want--a narrative concerned with getting Trump.
I could not believe the coverage of the testimony on all networks today when I turned the tube on around 10 am.
"Jeez,must be either John Dean is back,adding a few things to his Watergate testimony 45 years later,or some overblown B.S. by MSM is taking place."
Maybe they should be called BSM--Bull Sh*t Media.
ON January 9th,the networks were fighting against being forced to carry one of Trump's Oval Office addresses in prime time,about immigration--at the height of the chaos near the border--caused in part by their own slanderous reporting about "chillen being separated."
"It's not news," they all screamed.Finally they succumbed and grudgingly aired Trump's remarks.
But THIS?The way they ditched their morning programming and breathlessly forced America to watch what they thought was so important,I thought they were taking the impeachment vote already.
Laughably biased.Then Holt tonight--with a stern face,gave a one minute commentary about how the networks will --with great care and integrity--proceed forward with "this developing storyline that will continue to divide the nation."
Divide the nation--yes--thanks to Holt,Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd,who were sitting alongside Holt,like grinning gargoyles,without an ounce of objectivity or integrity..sick stuff.
One last item,which is:
Zerohedge reports that the NYT says a member of the CIA is the outed whistleblower.
What the CIA did to Kennedy,I'm guessing,they think can be done to Trump with impeachment.

Anonymous said...

First Russia. No good. Now Ukraine. No good. We need to investigate Biden to see if we need to investigate.