Saturday, September 28, 2019

Reading between the Lines: Fake Immigration "Judges" are Sabotaging the System, Running Out the Clock, on Behalf of Foreign Criminal Invaders; the Dallas Morning News is Proving Them Propaganda Cover; Ice-Cold, Racist Union Babe Ashley Tabbador Demands Much More Power for the "Judges"


Immigration "judge" Ashley Tabaddor is gorgeous, but has the ice-cold eyes of a killer. This picture is of Tabaddor about ten years ago

By A Texas Reader

"Inside Courtroom 3 on this day are many small immigrant children. Ozmun towers over them, rubbing his temples near his thick white hair. Then, he rubs his eyes, too. 'I am going to be continuing cases for several years,' the judge says to an attorney."

N.S.: It's fake news, a long reportorial rationalizing a massive stealth amnesty.


"Judges, lawyers say video justice is just adding to the mess within U.S. immigration courts" -


Head of the "judges'" union, Ashley Tabaddor, is still beautiful in middle age, but has since taken classes in smiling for the camera, though at times she forgets

"Judges, lawyers say video justice is just adding to the mess within U.S. immigration courts Attorneys and judges say a rapid expansion in the use of video conferencing ..."

ATR: Isn't the immigration court system overburdened by design?

In a "senior moment," beautiful "Judge" Ashley Tabaddor forgot her smiling lessons, and reverted to form. If the pic hadn't been taken outside, you might think it was her mug shot. Alas, we can dream, can't we?


Anonymous said...

I think "Ashley" is an Iranian immigrant herself. Was there ever a case she did not pity for? Probably not.

Anonymous said...

Something very strange too. "Ashley" all dolled up as she is. That is not the conservative Middle-Eastern type of woman. Huma the Arab foreign agent the same way. Wears short skirts, drinks beer, wears bikini.