Monday, September 30, 2019

Hey .. Let's Bring More Mexicans into the U.S.

By "W"
Mon, Sep 30, 2019 2:13 p.m.

Hey .. let's Bring More Mexicans into the U.S.

Subject: Hey .. let's Bring More Mexicans into the U.S.
Wanted Mexican cartel boss is behind one-third of drugs in the US


Anonymous said...

Girl recants accusation that classmates cut her dreadlocks
POSTED 4:42 PM, SEPTEMBER 30, 2019
The girl, Amari Allen, tells CNN that three white boys at Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, Virginia, pinned her on Monday to a playground slide and cut several of her dreadlocks.

SPRINGFIELD, Va. (AP) — A northern Virginia girl has recanted her accusation that three classmates grabbed her and cut her dreadlocks on the playground of a northern Virginia private school.

The Washington Post reports that the girl’s family issued an apology Monday to the boys, the school and the community.

Last week the 12-year-old girl told multiple media outlets that three of her sixth-grade classmates at Immanuel Christian School in Springfield called her hair “ugly” while they assaulted her at recess. The girl is African American and said her attackers were white. The story received national attention.

The school’s principal, Stephen Danish, sent a statement to parents Monday confirming the allegations were false. He said the school feels “tremendous pain for the victims and the hurt on both sides of this conflict.”
GRA:Another black lie--not to be confused with a white lie.Let's see if Lesta issues a retraction of the report that Rehema Ellis jumped on last week with such delight.

Anonymous said...

There was no retraction or mention of this lie tonight on NNN.
Lyin' Holt--an accomplice to spreading the lie--with blackie Rehema Ellis--should be fired.I have seen numerous erroneous "Negro Nightly News" stories that were reported in haste against whites,white cops and white children-- without remorse.
He pretends to care about Mexican "chillen" being separated at the border,black "chillen" getting shot in St.Louis--by other blacks,but WHITE "chillen" don't get an ounce of due process.Instead,Ellis is sent to a fake story which is assumed by Holt to be true because 3 whites did it.The white kids are indicated guilty on national TV--in a one sided court trial presided over by Holt.The white kids' side was not presented for one second.
Holt's favorite word is "OUTRAGE!"
Tonight,he would be correct.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Race hoax of the week (maybe daily is more accurate) exposed! Remember the story of the grade schooler that claimed 3 white boys assaulted her and cut her dreadlocks? The victims now admits she made it up, as you pointed out earlier Nicholas, the hoaxers are getting younger and younger:
Story got some major coverage with ABC, NY Times, NY Post and various other heavy hitters but so far I only find ABC, NY Times covering her recant. BET covered the hoax but hasn't reported it's a hoax but Essence has. Disclaimer: That's based on a quick internet search using some key words, I could have missed some things but it's pretty obvious, as usual, the hoax will be much reported with much less vigor than the false allegation.

Anonymous said...

(, MI – A former Muskegon police officer has filed a grievance after he was fired following an inquiry into racist items discovered in his home, according to city officials.

The grievance was filed hours after Charles Anderson was fired from the department on Sept. 12, said Muskegon City Manager Frank Peterson.

Peterson said Anderson’s grievance states that the city violated the police union’s contract when it wrongfully fired him in early September. As a remedy, Anderson demands that the city rehire him as a Muskegon police officer with compensation for hours lost during his period of unemployment.

Anderson, 48, had served on the Muskegon police force for 22 years before a Ku Klux Klan application and several Confederate flags were found in his home, which was for sale.

The items were found by Muskegon-area resident Rob Mathis, who reported on social media seeing the items during a real estate tour of Anderson’s Holton-area home.

During his disciplinary hearing, Peterson said the city offered Anderson the chance to take another position elsewhere within the city that wasn’t in the police department, but Anderson refused that option almost immediately, Peterson said.

The grievance was filed mere hours after the conclusion of that hearing, Peterson said.

Both Peterson and Muskegon Police Chief Jeffrey Lewis reviewed Anderson’s grievance shortly after it was filed Sept. 12. Lewis responded to the grievance saying he disagreed with Anderson’s claim.

Peterson told Muskegon Chronicle/ on Monday that he agreed with Lewis and that the city made the right decision.

“I think the simplest way to put it is that we don’t think he can come back and do his job,” Peterson said. “Controversy or not, I don’t think he’ll be accepted back into the community and that could cause problems.”

The city will now go into arbitration with the Police Officers Labor Council, the union representing Muskegon police officers. Peterson said he expects that process to take up to six months.

Anonymous said...

Those three if arrested in Texas counted as white men for statistical record keeping purposes.

Anonymous said...

"SPRINGFIELD, Va. (AP) — A northern Virginia girl has recanted her accusation that three classmates grabbed her and cut her dreadlocks on the playground of a northern Virginia private school."

The colored girl made the whole thing up because HER COLORED GRANDMOTHER told her she had ugly hair.

Those three boys faced a life of misery if this tale not corrected. It has been corrected but the damage done.

2/3 of alleged hate crime hoax and 2/3 of hate crime as committed by minority against whitey.