Sunday, September 29, 2019

A Racist, Hate Crime Rape-Massacre You Probably Haven’t Heard of, in Which Crime Paid

By Nicholas Stix

I was looking for something I’d sent someone back in 2009, but was too late. AOL cut off my “sent” folder in December, 2009. But as always seems to happen, I found something of value, for which I had not been searching.

Sent: 2/10/2010 4:57:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Another Underrreported (and unremembered) Atrocity

Dear Mr. Stix:

In late December 1989, in Dryden, New York (near Ithaca), the entire Harris family, Warren, his wife Delores, and their two children, 15-year-old Shelby, and 11-year-old Mark, shot to death in their own home-a house which was then set on fire.

All indications is that the family members were tortured one-by-one over an extended period, and the 15-year-old girl raped. She was found with injuries including cigarette burn applied to her.

The perpetrator, Michael Kinge, ultimately died in shootout with state police, but his mother Shirley was also implicated, and served two years in state prison.

The perpetrator was black; the victims all white. The older female victim ran a small antique/gift shop out of her home in this semi-rural community (probably 98% white), and the perp’s mother visited the place, and probably told her spawn about it. He apparently went in during the day, armed, and confronted first the mother, then, each of the other members. The police investigating this atrocity were haunted and sickened by what they found.

N.S.: I wasn’t sure if I’d already posted this letter, so I checked under my name and “Dryden, NY” at Duckduckgo. (Google disappears most of my work after 6-12 months.) Nothing showed up for me, but I did find the following article at, whose proprietor I thank for originally publishing it.
Note, too, his new address, due to the censorship wars.

One Truly Horrible Murder of a White Family
January 17, 2018

By Phillip Marlowe

Oh man, I first read of this terrible story just the other day and the details are still bouncing around my noggin like a hot rock. Angry sentences and entire paragraphs are springing to life, blazing across my brain and disappearing in a cloud of white-hot sparks. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the whole murderous crime.

Believe it or not, I had never read of this until now. Me, the big tough guy who works to expose such things on my site. Every so often I stumble across some old horrifying crime committed by these evil blacks on us White people that I never, ever read one single thing about. I can only explain it to myself that the media has long worked to suppress such things from the public consciousness and can be forgiven for not knowing, especially when the event happened long ago and the Internet as we know it didn’t exist at the time.*

Man, I so want to round up and hang the entire anti-White journalist whore profession from the lamp posts. The punks fully deserve it!

On December 22, 1989 in Dryden, New York, a nice-looking White family of 4 — Tony and Delores Harris, 15-year-old Shelby and 11-year-old Marc— were happily sitting at home getting ready to enjoy the Christmas holidays when there was a ring at the door. I don’t know which one of the family answered it, but they let in a monstrously evil black animal. He probably already had the gun out and pointed at the face of the family member. The effin’ media portrayed what soon transpired as merely “a robbery gone bad” like that somehow explains matters. My GD ass you sorry leftist bastards!

At gunpoint, he tied up hands and feet of the father, mother and the two children and put pillow cases over their heads. The fear the little family felt is still palpable across the years to this day. The boot-lipped black bastard had “privileged, racist” White people under his complete control and was enjoying every minute of it.

He then took the little 15-year-old girl into another room, where he raped and sodomized her. Now they say sodomized, but that could mean a couple of things I don’t even like to think about. No telling how long he took with the poor girl. Imagine what thoughts the father and mother had when they knew the animal had their little daughter in the next room? Just try to imagine. Sickening. Just sickening.

You can be certain it was all absolutely terrifying for that little family — who surely must have scared out of their wits. They would soon horribly die a painful death.

Then he shot them one at a time in the back of the head with his .22 caliber pistol. It’s not always sure if getting plugged in the head kills you right off the bat. Sometimes people do live after getting it in the head, believe it or not. To have the least inking (even then it’s not sure) of the gory facts of their actual demise would require reading the coroner’s and police reports — which the media neglected to say if they did or not. It’s not on the Internet anywhere that I could find.

What followed gets even more infuriating. He lugged in gasoline cans, using the family’s own van to transport since he only had a bicycle (he was seen in the neighborhood earlier riding around). Then he poured gas over the family and set them alit.

It was only the next day, the day before Christmas Eve, when a neighbor heard a smoke alarm from the house and called the fire department, when the bodies were found. Another neighbor reported seeing a light-skinned black man driving the family’s van. In the passenger seat was an older black woman, he insisted to police.

Over the next couple of days, the family’s credit cards were used by a black man and woman to purchase diamond jewelry, electronics, clothing and such. Who was the other person identified by various store clerks forging the Harris signature with the cards?

The killer’s own mother!

The mother, Shirley Kinge, in the hands of evil Whitey’s racist justice system. Another innocent (but proud) black woman who never did anything wrong!

After the police figured out who the two were, they raided the apartment where they lived. The killer had a shotgun and may have tried to shoot his way out, but the cops blasted him. The mother was arrested for using the cards and arson for taking part in helping him set the fire. She was sentenced to 17 to 44 years and fully deserved it — if not a hanging.

This is where the media comes in and tries to make it all out as a racist event. One of the state police officers only tangentially involved in the case was trying to get a job with the CIA. During an interview the CIA asked him if he would lie to protect America. He not only answered in the affirmative but apparently bragged about fabricating evidence to ensure convictions where he felt positive the perp was guilty. The CIA contacted the justice department.

This became known as the “New York State Police Troop C Scandal.” Oh, boy, did the media write tons about that! The only thing supposedly done in this case was put the mother’s fingerprints on one of the gasoline cans (it could also have been her real fingerprints). The fact of her getting ID’d buying crap with the credit cards, or the witness seeing an older black woman in the family’s van apparently meant ZERO to the media.

Regardless of any supposed arson charge, the sheboon knew her boy did something rotten and she fully deserved a prison stint.

Of course, she became a new “cause celebre” for a leftist media protecting these worthless blacks. She was released from jail after only 2 & 1/2 years and sued the state for 500 million dollars. Can you believe the nerve? She settled for $250,000. That’s a pretty good payday for a lazy ass, black bitch sitting around watching TV in jail, eating relatively well—while bitching and moaning to the press and lawyers about evil racist Whitey justice.

My belief is the woman did in fact help her boy take gas back to the scene of the crime. She probably sat out in the van as he lit up the bodies (one or more may have still lived). None of these black bastards care a damn thing about any Whiteys.

Get real: These stinking GD black bastards hate us. They will kill you in minute.

Reading up on all this, I could see the media didn’t once put up a photo of the White victims or the black killer. Only the “poor, victimized by evil Whitey” old black woman rated photos and much copy. There were tons of shots of the black woman mother looking all sad and crap. I had great difficulty finding one single shot of the family or even the black killer and that was from another evil hater type like me!

You got to stop and ask yourself: We always see White-on-White crime in the media. Constantly. Never do they do cover blacks killing us Whites. Blacks mercilessly slaughter entire White families in our homes all the time. Terrible, vicious murders like this one. Hell, they make movies of White-on-White home invasion crimes like this (“In Cold Blood” comes to mind) on the rare occasion it happens. Any sort of White perp crime is played up big time in the media—even if it happened a million years ago, they still bring it up constantly.

Wake up Whitey — we’re being screwed. Big time.

*I have an entire page of photo montages of Whites murdered by blacks before the year 2000. It’s very difficult to find photos of Whites murdered back before the Internet, since suppressing such things from Whites was done even back then. Go HERE to see.



Anonymous said...

It's in their DNA--Destructive
Attitude .
I'm stunned to see--30 years ago--media protection of that era's black psychopaths--probably to a lesser extent than now(it would have to be,there's a complete squelching of black crime these days).
The mother received money in an early black lottery sweepstakes--I don't understand why.
Just a rotten,depressing story all the way around,Unfortunately,for the next 30 years--after 1989--there would be numerous,similarly horrific black on white slaughters for the media to ignore.
Which they do almost 100% nationally and as toss aways locally.

Anonymous said...

Go google Mudshark and Coalburner too.

See the images of whitey women, their kids,etc., all murdered by the negro "boyfriend". Hard to view. But if you are race concious to what is going on in this country you have to accept hard facts.

Anonymous said...

Always check to see who is ringing the doorbell before you open the door. That probably is a big city mentality I have and for good reason.

Anonymous said...

Even in a 98 % whitey community this sorta stuff occurs. You are not safe anywhere. Keep your wits about you all the time.