Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Fox Apologizes after Moment of Honesty about "Mentally Ill Swedish Girl"

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Subject: Fox apologizes after 'mentally ill Swedish girl' crack; Dobbs on Ukraine: Intel community 'hostile' to Trump & more

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Fox apologizes after panel erupts over Greta Thunberg 'mentally ill Swedish child' crack

Dobbs on whistleblower fiasco: Intel community insanely 'hostile' to Trump


Mike Pence fires back: Biden bragged about getting Ukraine to do his bidding

Unhinged Swedish global warming teen shouts to world leaders: 'How dare you?'

Trump calls out 'Fredo' Cuomo at U.N.: Giuliani 'took him apart' over Ukraine

CNN's nasty Acosta on Trump era: 'I throw my beer cans at the TV'

Anderson Cooper throws tantrum over new press secretary Stephanie Grisham

Dem Rep. Sheila Lee takes aim at AR-15s and flubs it: Fires '.50 caliber' bullets

Hannity: Source confirms VP Joe Biden's role in Ukraine scandal


Stephen Moore: Imported uranium could be disastrous for America

MSNBC host asks about executing Trump for treason

Poll: Voters demand choice — oppose Medicare for all

Media at war: Trump China policy is working —but you won't hear about it

As Warren takes the lead, critics bash healthcare for all, sky-high taxes

Threat of border shutdown blamed on illegals surge: 14.3 million

Time's up: Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner ruthlessly mocked at Emmys

BPR is expanding, hiring full-time and part time freelance writer/editor


Anonymous said...

1.)They'd never mock the Kardashians if they were black.It's almost gotten to the point,that if you are a white female,just having sex with black
men appears not to give you immunity from anti-white attacks anymore--like it used to.
2.)Kathy Griffin should never again--go anywhere in public--where there's enough light to be able to see her.
3.)How about FOX apologizing for keeping Shephard Smith as an employee?Whoever is keeping HIM around,must be "mentally ill" also.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say the girl is mentally ill as we understand that term mentally ill. Has a disability more correctly put.