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Man FaceTimed Woman's Dad After Allegedly Stabbing Her

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Fri, Sep 27, 2019 5:18 p.m.

"Man FaceTimed Woman's Dad After Allegedly Stabbing Her" |


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(WOODTV-Holland,Mich) Police responded to reports of a shooting at a home near the intersection of 15th Street and Central Avenue. Officers said they found an unidentified man there with multiple gun shot wounds. According to investigators, the teen was first transported to Holland Hospital but was later taken to a hospital in Grand Rapids.

Police told News 8 the man is in critical condition.

Officers said the victim and the gunman met at the victim’s home before shots were fired. Officials describe the suspect as a black man, who was last seen wearing a grey hoodie. According to police, the shooter is still on the loose.

Hope College Campus Safety lifted the alert because police believe the suspect is no longer near the campus.
GRA:Other reports(from FOX17) say the vic was shot in the back several times.This used to be,as you can imagine,a quiet Dutch city,but the Mex and blacks have started it on a downward path like Grand Rapids has been for many more years,

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SEP 25, 2019

Although some citizens have clamored for the teens accused in The Great Frederick Fair assault case to be charged as adults, Maryland law prevents the state’s attorney from doing much else yet.

There are conditions the Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office would need to meet in order to try the defendants as adults, State’s Attorney Charlie Smith said in an interview Wednesday. A judge would need to grant approval, and only after police complete their investigation.

“I think people think that somehow I have this unbridled authority to charge them in any manner that I want, and that just doesn’t exist,” Smith said, “and for good reason.”

Two teens were charged after 59-year-old Mount Airy resident John Weed was found lying unconscious on the ground of The Great Frederick Fair on Friday, according to the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. Weed died at the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore on Saturday.

Smith said he’s received emails from members of the public who are outraged that the teens have not been charged with first-degree murder or with committing a hate crime. Some have even called for the death penalty, according to Smith.

Currently, the facts of the case do not allow for Smith to bring forth more serious charges, he said.

“When they say they want them charged as an adult, I can’t charge them as an adult," Smith said. “I have to charge them as a juvenile because the law mandates that I charge them as a juvenile. ... Right now, these two young men are charged to the fullest extent of the law and to the maximum that we have been allowed to charge them.”

Frederick sheriff, family of victim respond to Mount Airy man’s death at Great Frederick Fair with outrage »
Smith said at a Monday news conference that the incident started when a group of young men, including the two defendants, asked Weed for a dollar at the fair and he refused. Some sort of “negative” dialogue occurred, the 16-year-old punched Weed in the back of the head, and then after a brief time the 15-year-old landed a “deadly blow,” according to Smith.

When asked about the exchange Wednesday, Smith declined to say more about the words that were said, as they were not part of the public record, he said.

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said Tuesday he would call the attack “unprovoked" and he believes Weed was the victim of a “hate crime,” though he noted it might not match the legal definition of a hate crime. The teens are black and Weed was white.

The 15-year-old has been charged with first- and second-degree assault and reckless endangerment, while the 16-year-old was charged with second-degree assault.

“They were charged with the punching before the death occurred," Smith said.
GRA:Has this been broadcast anywhere?Certainly not on the three major networks .
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