Monday, September 30, 2019

The Neo-Nazi Behind the Reparations Movement

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

Slavery Reparations Movement “Founder” Hated Jews, Loved Neo-Nazis
by David Cole
September 24, 2019
Taki’s Mag

“America was born of sin.” So goes the broken-record preachifyin’ of the racial evangelists of the left. And that sin is (drum roll) racism. Just Google “racist origin of,” “racist roots of,” or “racist history of,” and you’ll get page after page of search results in which leftists teach you the racist beginnings of, well, everything: the Second Amendment, juries, minimum wage, circus clowns, tipping at a restaurant, the phrases “tipping point,” “peanut gallery,” and “long time no see,” table manners, breakfast, the SATs, psychology, hospitality, diets, banking, the suburbs, cartoons, math, Wonder Bread, the prom, and even religion.

Last month, The New York Times went all-in on born of sin, declaring that every single thing about the U.S. is a direct result of slavery. Take sugar, for example. Your affection for candy bars is racist. Sure, today’s sugar is not the product of slavery. But because it used to be a really long time ago, the mark of (sugar) Cain has forever branded your malted balls. Even your sweet tooth is racist, the Times reasons, because if not for the slaves behind the initial mass production of sugar in the Americas, we might be perfectly content today sucking on lemons and eating a flavorless mush called rootmarm.

Be not fooled; there is method (or just meth) to the Times’ madness. With most of the Democrat presidential candidates going gaga over slavery reparations, the purpose of the NYT piece is to prime the rest of us to accept reparations as just and necessary. The formula is simple: Slavery “made” us, so therefore we owe penance because everything we have is built upon a foundation of racist evil.

I love a good irony, and here’s a doozy: The reparations movement itself is built upon a foundation of racist evil. Quite literally, from the creation of the formal reparations movement in the mid–20th century through the early 2000s when influential Democrats began to openly embrace the idea, there’s a through-line of racial hatred, courtesy of the man who is credited with putting the entire matter on the map…and on the Democrats’ agenda….

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Anonymous said...

Does the "NY Times" think that some of that reparation money is going to go to thousands(millions?) of "NY Times" subscriptions?Is THAT why they're pushing for free money to blacks?
"The blacks will reward our endorsement because that's what WE'D do if WE got free money from some place," said the stupid white liberal.
If that's even one percent of their thought process about reparations--dream on.


David In TN said...

A question if I may: How much reparation money will the families of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom be required to pay to the five convicted murderers who committed the Knoxville Horror?