Saturday, September 28, 2019

Backshooter Alert in Holland, Michigan; Perp Still at Large

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 11:24:00 A.M. EDT

Man, Shot in the Back—by Black

(WOODTV-Holland, Mich) Police responded to reports of a shooting at a home near the intersection of 15th Street and Central Avenue. Officers said they found an unidentified man there with multiple gun shot wounds. According to investigators, the teen was first transported to Holland Hospital but was later taken to a hospital in Grand Rapids.

Police told News 8 the man is in critical condition.

Officers said the victim and the gunman met at the victim’s home before shots were fired. Officials describe the suspect as a black man, who was last seen wearing a grey hoodie. According to police, the shooter is still on the loose.

Hope College Campus Safety lifted the alert because police believe the suspect is no longer near the campus.

GRA: Other reports (from FOX17) say the vic was shot in the back several times. This used to be, as you can imagine, a quiet Dutch city, but the Mex and blacks have started it on a downward path like Grand Rapids has been for many more years.

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Anonymous said...

Mane shoots mane wiff gun. Mane on loose.