Sunday, September 29, 2019

One Best Buy Deliveryman Allegedly Bludgeoned 75-Year-Old Customer, and Set Her on Fire; Other Deliveryman Called 911, but Knew No English

By A Texas Reader
Sat, Sep 28, 2019 11:16 p.m.

According to a police affidavit, the other worker outside heard screams, went inside and saw what had happened. He made a frantic 911 call but had to wait for an interpreter to relay what he had seen, according to an recording of the call. Lachazo was arr

N.S.: Companies all over the country are hiring colored cut-throats and illegal aliens who can't speak a word of English, while refusing employment to white Americans.

ATR: They really are feral.

It's because of vast genetic differences.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's come to the point that you have to ask specifically for white delivery guys--even if it means paying more.
Anyone else and the risk of a deadly event increases tenfold.Basically,you're getting regular scum blacks or Mex--probably with long rap sheets- who are wearing--in this case--a Best Buy uniform.
You can't trust ANY company to background check their workers anymore. You wouldn't THINK--in a million years-- about inviting a Mex Or black off the street into your house--if they weren't wearing a company's uniform.It's only because of that supposed guarantee by the company--that the person wearing the company name on his or her clothing,is allowed by you into your house.
Now,THAT guarantee isn't even enough-- if they're a minority.

Anonymous said...

An attack of this nature as done against an elderly person calls for three times the amount of punishment. In the days of the Klan the perpetrator him self would have been beaten and set on fire. Hate to say it but in some instances you do wonder if the Klan did not have the right idea.

Anonymous said...

Agree--and I suggested that months ago.It would be a hate crime against seniors with double the sentence(for less than murder) or an automatic death penalty for murder.
If you do this,more prisons need constructing.