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Previously Unpublished, Post-Prison Correspondence from Stephen Whittle of the Heretical 2!

By Nicholas Stix

First off, my apologies to Stephen Whittle. I received the following letter from him circa August 23, 2012, started working it up with hyperlinks, and then forgot all about it, until I found it a few hours ago, going through old folders of manuscripts on Whittle and Simon Sheppard’s case.

I’ve now given up on hyper-linking, except for an article on the H2 that Whittle mentioned, and a link to uses and definitions of “steatopygous.”

In a message dated 8/21/2012 9:11:29 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, …… writes:

Dear Mr Stix,

This is one of the Heretical Two who you wrote about when we were held in Santa Ana Jail in California 2008-9. I wanted (belatedly) to say thank you for that and to praise the articles you're still writing in support of white America. My views on the roots of the gathering disaster haven't changed, but you are with Larry Auster and Peter Simple (né Michael Nathan) on the side of the angels.

Best wishes,

Stephen Whittle.

Re: Heretical One (Santa Ana Jail)
Tue, Aug 21, 2012 10:02 am

Dear Mr. Whittle,

Thank you so much for your kind words.

I apologize for neglecting your case (can it have been so long?). Our mutual friend had asked me if I had all of your letters, so that I could post them all together, but I forgot to get back to him. (I often start major investigative reports, only to forget them until years later, when they're old news, having been inundated with other atrocities and having suffered frequent computer crashes in the meantime.)

Where are you? Are you free? Do tell. And let me know if it's safe for me to mention having heard from you.

Things are so bad these days here, that I consider myself a war correspondent. I want to write on everything political, but find myself up to my elbows in the blood of white war victims.

I hope that you and yours are well and free, and look forward to hearing from you yet again.


Nicholas Stix

Circa August 23, 2012

Dear Nicholas,

Please quote any of this if you want (but no email address please). There's no need to apologize for neglecting anything -- we were very grateful for your VDare articles and our case is only one among many and often far worse examples of the anti-white system following its Marxist/Marcusean agenda. I've been free for over a year, after being recalled to jail for breaching the conditions of my release when I foolishly used the internet in the library near the bail hostel I was staying in. I did think of thanking you as soon as my sentence was properly over and I could use the internet again. But I decided not to, for one reason and another.

My view of being jailed is simple: when criminals are running a country, it will be a crime to say so. The First Amendment has retarded their attack on free speech in the US, but you've written yourself about how it's being ignored. The question for Americans is whether your criminals will be able to destroy the First Amendment before they destroy the country. In the U.K., our criminals have no distractions and can focus simply on destroying the country. Ditto for the rest of Europe. Free speech is not liked by Marxists and Marcuseans. For example, there's a neo-con/Chris-Hitchean website here called Harry's Place. The site's motto is from Orwell: "Liberty, if it means anything, is the right to tell people what they don't want to hear." Its article about the Heretical Two was tagged "Freedom of Expression". Its comment on our imprisonment was: "Good riddance."

Their deliberate attempts at humour, as you might expect from neo-cons, are not as successful. But I'm happy to report that what they lack in intellectual and logical rigour they more than make up for in self-righteousness and self-regard -- again, as you might expect from neo-cons.

I'm also happy to have gone through jail here and in the U.S. while there was still lots of (borrowed) money in the system. And almost all guards at Santa Ana Jail, male and female, Hispanic and non-Hispanic, were perfectly pleasant and professional, perhaps because, as employees of the S.A. police department, they were selected for higher I.Q. and lower psychopathy than might otherwise have been the case. The I.C.E. guards were fine too, with the exception of a dim steatopygous blonde called Kelly, who confirmed stereotypes about why stupid people like wearing uniforms and wielding authority. The immigration judge Rose Peters and the federal attorney Michelle Myers were dim too, and I think both enjoyed sending us back for imprisonment. I agree with your VDare colleague Paul Gottfried about certain ethnic and religious cultures having no tradition of free speech, but I don't think women, generally speaking, are big supporters of it either.

I'd also like to acknowledge Steven Greenhut and the late Alan Bock, two libertarian journalists at one of the world's most boring and badly written newspapers, The Orange County Register. Both libertarians in question ignored letters from us when we were in Santa Ana Jail, though we thought we were an interesting case from a libertarian point of view. Bock was described as “the happy warrior for human liberty” in one of his obituaries. I wish Mark Steyn had been writing for the Register when I was in Santa Ana, because he believes in free speech, is very entertaining and, within his limits, is very insightful about liberalism. As it was, I preferred the Spanish-language La Opinión and its far-from-boring stories about assassinations, decapitations, Mara Salvatrucha, etc.

I understand what you meant about my "sophomoric" articles and why you thought I am a "Holocaust denier". I would have thought the same, but in fact, unlike my co-defendant, I do accept that the Nazis had a deliberate policy of mass murder for their real and supposed enemies. But I am definitely not a believer in "Holocaustianity", i.e. that a particular part of that mass murder is the central evil of human history, that the West must abolish itself as a guilt-offering, that a certain group must be above criticism, etc. Despite any jokes to the contrary, I am not a neo-Nazi either: neo-Jeffersonian or neo-Voltairean is closer to the truth. Both Jefferson and Voltaire would have fallen foul of Britain's thought-crime laws if they were alive and writing today, and would be on the A.D.L.'s and S.P.L.C.'s hit-list in the U.S. That may have something to do with why the U.S. is in such big trouble.

Best wishes,

Stephen Whittle.

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Anonymous said...

GRA:I finally checked out the series of articles and getting to the main issue,it all boils down to this:
"Such prosecutions are extensions of the elites' campaign against ordinary whites that began with Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, and picked up steam with the passing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. In order to disenfranchise and dispossess ordinary whites, since 1964 public and private officials alike have engaged in massive resistance, violating the 14th Amendment and, in the name of civil rights, even the Civil Rights Act! Like the Civil Rights Act, unconstitutional "hate crime" laws and some British and Canadian laws are written in race-neutral fashion, but wielded as racist brickbats against whites."
That's really the crux of our last 55 years of decay.There appears to be no hope of white survival.The final straw would be whites electing a Democrat next year--the result's meaning,would be only to speed up the inevitable process of white replacement--a trend that would accelerate,EVEN if Trump was re-elected.
I never saw this coming 30 years ago.We,as a country,were still close enough--in my mind's eye,to what I grew up seeing.But it wasn't--not at all.And the process has sped up--thanks to demographics.Can you imagine this country 30 years from now--if there is one?
I can't--at least not one I'd recognize.
--GR Anonymous