Thursday, September 26, 2019

Previously Deported Dallas Sex Offender Arrested by Border Patrol Agents in Arizona

By A Texas Reader
Wed, Sep 25, 2019 10:20 p.m.


Anonymous said...

For statistical record keeping purposes in Texas Henry will be counted as a whitey?

Anonymous said...

Dallas (CNN) — The murder trial of Amber Guyger enters its sixth day Saturday following hours of emotional testimony from the ex-Dallas police officer charged with killing a 26-year-old(black) man in his own apartment while she was off duty.
GRA:To me,these are all road markers on the journey to white genocide.The "stand your ground" case in Florida,in which a white guy(Michael Drejka)defended himself from an angry black guy's attack,by shooting him dead;the firing of a NYPD cop(Daniel Pantaleo) over the alleged chokehold of an obese blackie who resisted arrest;the constant anti-white reporting on "Negro Nightly News"(including last nights 6th grade "outrage",which isn't an outrage at all),while failing to report racist murders by blacks --of whites--such as the recent killing at the Great Frederick Fair of a 59 year old white man by black thugs,a week ago.
The Amber Guyger case has been portrayed as racial by NNN--and possibly there was an element to that.Maybe if Guyger had walked into a white guy's apartment by mistake,she wouldn't have automatically thought "burglar".
But that's what happens to a cop's mindset after seeing the overwhelming amount of black crime,on a daily basis, in your job.You get conditioned to think a certain way by your experiences.That's not racism--that's reality.
Guyger wasn't really thinking when she walked into the wrong apartment,but this wasn't murder--low level manslaughter at worst,so we wait to see what the jury decides--to exaggerate a punishment on a white person,by convicting her of murder?
Or will the jury make a reasonable attempt to mete out justice fairly?
The next roadmarker is waiting to be placed.