Sunday, September 29, 2019

Morning Report: Hero Cop Murdered in Bronx during Hand-to-Hand Struggle with Armed Killer

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September 29, 2019 - Trump says Democrats 'want to take away your freedom' in Twitter video
SEPTEMBER 29, 2019
Hero cop killed in Bronx during hand-to-hand struggle with armed suspect
A hero NYPD officer was fatally shot early Sunday during a desperate, hand-to-hand struggle with an armed suspect just after midnight on the grounds of the Edenwald Houses in The Bronx. Officer...
Trump says Dems 'want to take away your freedom' in Twitter video
President Trump said in a video on Twitter Saturday that a push by Congressional Democrats to...
Wall Street mogul promised 'big surprise' for TV star love child in will
The wealthy financier whose alleged secret love child grew up to be a television star promised...

GoFundMe pulls UBS banker Scott Hapgood's $250K fund amid manslaughter trial
Backers of the Connecticut banker charged with killing a hotel worker in Anguilla raised $250,000 in...
Goodwin: Donald Trump now has to battle CIA spies in Dems' war against him
It would be understandable if President Trump wakes up troubled these days by four words bouncing...
Debbie Harry talks sex, coke and rock 'n' roll in new memoir
"I didn't care for coke too much — it made me jittery and wired and it...
FBI expands Epstein probe; hopes to snare more Prince Andrew accusers
The FBI is now probing any "connection" Britain's Prince Andrew may have with the Jeffrey Epstein...
Do your best to prepare for the worst
Steps to creating the ultimate emergency plan in New York.


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FBI unseals hundreds of documents on controversial NYC lawyer Roy Cohn
The FBI unsealed hundreds of documents last week related to controversial New York lawyer Roy Cohn, whose clients included mobsters, Yankee players, the Roman...
Giants fans love-in for Daniel Jones begins now
There is nothing like a honeymoon here, when a fan base overflowing with passion welcomes its new crush with a warm, sweet embrace, 'til...
Rise in data breaches wreaking havoc on small businesses: study
Data breaches not only hurt consumers, but are an expensive nightmare for small businesses, a new study reports. "Twenty-one percent of small businesses reported...
Goodwin: Donald Trump now has to battle CIA spies in Dems' war against him
It would be understandable if President Trump wakes up troubled these days by four words bouncing around his head: "Loose lips sink ships." Understandable...

Al Pacino was once a terrible super on the Upper West Side, according to his former boss
Al Pacino didn't win any awards for one of his earliest roles — the super of an Upper West Side building. The legendary Bronx-born...
Paris Fashion Week: Bella Hadid was a dream in Vivienne Westwood
Bella Hadid just won Paris Fashion Week. The supermodel is no stranger to donning eye-catching threads while sashaying down a runway, but today at...
The hottest new psychedelic drug among trendy New Yorkers is illegal toad venom
Despite the trip's short duration, the effects of toad venom — which is extracted from Colorado River toads, also known as Sonoran Desert toads...
New York Mag staff fears Vox will swing ax
A town hall meeting called by New York Media chief executive Pam Wasserstein on Wednesday failed to quell unrest in the rank and file...
'Robocats' are helping the elderly combat loneliness
Here, robo kitty! When elderly clients of the Bronx-based RiverSpring Health Plans are feeling low, they might get a cat in their lap — a...
Brooklyn house listed for 50 times more than owners paid
A humble Ditmas Park house on the market for $1.99 million is notable for two reasons. First, several episodes of "Rescue Me" were filmed...
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Anonymous said...

Death penalty for the perpetrator. But they don't have death penalty in New York. Thank you dago Governor.

Anonymous said...

Perp was shot dead by cops--you're wish(and mine) was granted.
It's too bad.These gangs are like roaches---police can't make a dent under the current circumstances.
More prisons would have to be built and then you could go clean out the scum--one street corner at a time.