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Field of Dreams: James Horner’s Complete Masterpiece Original Soundtrack (Play and Download It, Before the KK Kill It!)

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As far as I’m concerned, in the history of pictures, this score is surpassed by only one other: Not Elmer Bernstein’s score to The Magnificent Seven or To Kill a Mockingbird, John Williams’ score to Star Wars or Jaws, Maurice Jarre’s Lawrence of Arabia music, Bernard Hermann’s score to Vertigo, or Max Steiner’s sumptuous themes to Gone with the Wind, or Hugo Friedhofer’s Coplandesque music for The Best Years of Our Lives, or Aaron Copland’s Coplandesque score to The Red Pony, but by Randy Newman’s score to The Natural.


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Original motion picture soundtrack of the film Field of Dreams. Music composed and conducted by James Horner. Tracks and times below.

00:00 - The Cornfield
5:34 - Deciding to Build the Field
11:26 - Shoeless Joe
13:42 - Timeless Street
16:22 - Old Ball Players
19:08 - The Drive Home
21:22 - Moonlight Graham
23:24 - Field of Dreams
26:56 - The Library
29:26 - Night Mists
33:40 - Doc's Memories
36:55 - The Place Where Dreams Come True
46:02 - End Credits

Other music in the film that was not included in the soundtrack:
Crazy - Written by Willie Nelson - Performed by Beverly D'Angelo
Daydream - Written by John Sebastian - Performed by the Lovin' Spoonful
Jessica - Written by Dickey Betts - Performed by the Allman Brothers Band
China Grove - Written by Tom Johnston - Performed by the Doobie Brothers
Lotus Blossom - Written by Billy Strayhorn - Performed by Duke Ellington

Sorry about the lousy quality of some of the pictures. Good ones are hard to come by.

Also, at WEJB/NSU:
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