Thursday, February 26, 2015

In Chicago, the City that Never Sleeps, Weekend Came Early: 6 Shot, 3 Dead, on West, Far South Sides

By Prince George’s County Expat

Kinda like rust never sleeps?

Didn't realize blacks are nocturnal creatures.

The key is midnight basketball leagues. It will cure them of their violent proclivities.

I'm sure of it.

A peer-reviewed study from a university wreathed in garlands of ivy told me so.

At the Chicago Tribune.


Anonymous said...

Back in the day I lived in that far south side Chicago neighborhood of Roseland,when it was all white. My sons were born in Roseland hospital where many of the shooting victims now end up. Years later when I attended the University of Wisconsin in one of the classes we studied Roseland as the main town that went over night from being white to black. Blockbusting and panic selling set in.The neighborhood went from people having well kept modest old homes and pretty gardens to a killing field. I did not have to study the Roseland case,I lived it. Dam do I have stories.

Anonymous said...

Lovely fellow I'm sure, except for the rape thing.... Jerry PDX