Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cedar Park, Texas: Another White Girl Murdered by a Mexican

By A Texas Reader

Didn't she learn anything while attending UT Austin?

Mexican males are notoriously misogynistic.



Anonymous said...

That "Mexican" doesn't look the slightest bit Amerasian, his genetic ancestry look 100% caucasian, doesn't mean he can't be mixed but it's likely most or all of his ancestry originates from Europe, though just because you're genetically white doesn't mean you can't be infected by the Mexican male hyper machismo. Mexican is not a race, of course, a citizen can be any race, most are asian/white mix, some have African ancestry, a lot are of pure asian ancestry and many are also of pure white ancestry, though those ones tend to be on a higher economic tier and usually aren't the kind we see sneaking over the border and doing manual labor in the US.
You know the comedian Louis C.K.? He's a Mexican citizen, his mother and father are Mexican. He's red haired and pale skinned so it's kind of weird to think of that when looking at him. I know this isn't necessarily relevant to the article but my mind tends to fly off into tangents. Jerry PDX

Anonymous said...

Send him back.Just because he s