Friday, February 27, 2015

When Black Supremacist Nkosi Thandiwe Murdered Brittney Watts, Crippled Lauren Garcia for Life, and Wounded Tiffany Ferenczy, was He Merely Carrying Out the SPLC and Tim Wise’s Final Solution to the White Question?


War crime victim Brittney Watts

War crime victim Lauren Garcia

War crime victim Tiffany Ferenczy

By Nicholas Stix



War criminal Nkosi Thandiwe

War criminal Morris Dees

War criminal Tim Wise

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David In TN said...

A few years ago, Tim Wise's home address in Nashville was revealed on the internet. One day, out of curiosity, I drove by the street address.

It was in an affluent white section of Nashville. His home was a large McMansion. I didn't see a black face anywhere.

Within walking distance (two and a half blocks) there was a golf course. I saw two white men, around 70 years old, preparing to tee up on the green.