Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Healthy vs. Negative Ethnonationalism

By Nicholas Stix

At Vanishing American II.


Stix_Fan said...

I disagree with the author - a lot. This business of sucking it up and acting tough is probably the single biggest reason white people won't (or can't) work together to fight against the unfair treatment we are increasing subjected to. We need to ditch this mindset; it's been very counterproductive.

He claims that most white people won't admit that whites are victims, but doesn't he realize why? It's for the same reason he doesn't WANT to admit it himself. People who refuse to acknowledge they have problems, or who refuse to seek help because they think it's somehow unmanly or sissified to admit to having a need or weakness, are headed for destruction.

Nicholas said...

I agree with you.

While I can appreciate VA II's point, almost every avenue of white resistance has been illegally sabotaged: Citizen initiatives (illegally and unconstitutionally struck down or otherwise sabotaged by leftwing judges), the First Amendment (whites illegally and unconstitutionally fired and even imprisoned for mere disagreement), you name it. If whites do not organize and in engage in massive demonstrations and lawsuits based on their victimization, all that is left to them are criminal acts, most of them violent, up to and including open civil war (which has already been going on for 50 years, though most whites refuse to admit it).

Stix_Fan said...

I guess he fails to notice that identities based on victim-hood have worked out quite well for the opposition. After all, they're winning, and we aren't.

White people cling to a myriad of self-defeating (and masochistic) ideas and ideologies. A fine example of the latter is libertarianism, which is nothing but a distraction that squanders time and resources on the fruitless pursuit of goals that are neither achievable nor all that attractive. What does it really say about us that we cheer Rand Paul when he tells us that none of us have a right to healthcare?